Looks like we’ve hit the end of another month! And with the end of June we’ve got some really good pieces lined up. Not going to lie – there were some tough decisions to make in regards to what made the top seven and even which pieces went where! Good thing this is all for fun.

Let’s jump right into this week’s top seven, starting with:

7. Street Art

Street Art

Kicking things off is this nice little piece by Threvin. Looks like we’ve got our little sergal friend here doing some graffitti art in a nighttime alleyway! I wonder if he did the red tagging or if that was someone else – and they’re here to show them how it’s done?

I always enjoy night time pieces personally, and I love how this one just has so much going on. So many little things going on in the background, and I honestly am still finding new things to take notice of!

6. Our Final Meeting

Our Final Meeting

What’s this? Looks like we’ve got a battle on our hands here! Looks very anime-esque too. Don’t get too distracted by our super powered protagonist though – you might miss those creepy (but kinda cool) looking shadow creatures coming up out of the ground! Minions of the red guy with the gold sword perhaps?

According to the source description, this is promo art for an up and coming comic, The Glytheum State. Looks pretty cool!

5. Mizustune Morning

Mizustune Morning
And now we’re going into what looks like the polar opposite of the previous piece – time to cool down and take a look at this wonderfully drawn Mitztsune by Chromamancer. I like the cooler colors of this – everything comes together in a unified pallet, but not so much that it feels like everything is blending into each other.

4. Urban Walks

Urban walks

Orphen-Sirius is back this week with this tourist-esque piece depicting this duo at a train station, and wow, what a sight it is! You’ve got the city looming in the distance, and lots of other little details and characters here and there in the background.

I also really like the design of the cat. The orange fur is a neat contrast with the green bow tie and even their black shirt, but the black shirt also contrasts with that bow tie. It’s a nice, visually stimulating look. That treat also looks delicious as well.

Don’t get too distracted by the city sights, though. It’s time to take a look at this week’s honrable mentions!

r/furry - Guard Duty - by Sulacoyote

Loving the comic-esque style on this!

r/furry - Here is something big i did for fern a little while ago!

Here’s another piece that’s just bursting with style!

r/furry - That lombax

There’s no stopping the overflow of the new lombax art!

r/furry - Inner Demon [art by me]

Who said purple and demons could never look so cool?

r/furry - Beastars meets Zootopia ( adonyne )

You’ve seen Zootopia and Beastars art…now get ready for ZootopiaxBeastars! It’s pretty cute too.

r/furry - Magic Waters - Commission for a friend by @summer_lynx

Those gold highlights are pretty awesome, as are those glowing runes.

r/furry - Firestarter (Art by Royz)

Loving this fire dance, and check out the detail on the fur!

And yes, even with the honorable mentions it was difficult finding which one to feature. There were so many great pieces left out – but if I put in all the ones I liked, this would’ve been a multi-part article!

Now, let’s check out the top three, starting with:

3. Carmen


Starting off the top three is this amazing dining piece by Drawing_sofa. Just, wow! Take a look at that spread, I’m sure it’ll make anyone super hungry! It’s also such a nice, relaxing drawing. There’s tons of atmosphere to this piece and I love it. In fact, I’m sure it’d even work great hanging in someone’s living room somewhere!

You don’t see beautiful atmospheric works like this too often!

2. King of the Evergreen

King of the Evergreen

“You come to me, keen to barter these… trades, from overseas. What, praytell, do you have that would interest me; one who cares not for the trivialities of men?” -Description text.

DesuBox is back once again with another killer piece! This time it looks like we’ve got ourselves a classic woodland king and what I’m assuming is his mate. And what fits more as woodland monarchs than deer?

I have to hand it do DesuBox, the male deer is downright handsome, and I love the design of his outfit – seems like a great mix of royal but alluring. And the expression on both the deer really captures and sells that description text. Once you’re done visually grazing (hah!) on the deer, check out how well done that background foliage is too.

That seems like a tough piece to beat, and again, it was hard coming up with heck, even which pieces should make the top three! But I was able to eventually figure out who should be the top, and that is:

1. Plan B

Plan B

Coming in at #1 is this amazing fantasy piece done by both Kirena Kaya and Shamerli in a collaboration. Looks like the start to an adventure – I’m sure fellow D&D nerds will get a kick out of this one!

What’s great about this one is you have the varied crew, all wearing different sets of outfits and armor, with different expressions as well, hinting at what sort of characters these are. You’ve got the classic barkeep in the background and…is that a dragon trying to make his way into the tavern by the gryphon? All of it rendered with wonderful colors, detail, and lighting.

It took a bit to figure out, but this one is going to be the top pick for this week! Congratulations and well done Kirena-Kaya & Shamerli!

And with that, we draw another month to a close. I was really surprised this week with what I saw! But I think this month overall was a pretty good one for art. Here’s to seeing what awaits us in July – and as always, if you see a piece you like on here, or heck anywhere, don’t forget to drop them a fave! Or if you don’t have a reddit, twitter, or FA, a simple link will also help!

Until next time, fellow traveler nerds.