Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art!

Do you like intense art? How about something with a little bit of spice? If so, I think you’ll get a kick out of this week’s list.

7. A Deal Struck

Okay, so maybe we’re getting some of the spice a little early in this week’s list.

As someone who’s currently playing a Warlock in Dungeons & Dragons, I got a sort of dark kick out of this. Always be careful with what you conjure – and what exact deal you’re making with it. It’s a very alluring piece, mainly due to the set up and both characters’ poses.

The succubus also adds so much intensity to the piece. Look at the way her orange eyes zero in on our poor summoner here. He seems so out of his element, with his magically dissolving clothes adding various forms of tension to things.

6. Thunder and Lightening

Coming in at #6 is a piece that keeps the intensity going. Though, instead of it being sexual we’ve got some action-oriented intensity. Just look at that flash of lightening! Reminds me of one of Raiden’s moves in the newer Mortal Kombat games. There’s also cackling bolts of lightening in the background, and the lightening jutting from the eyes is a nice touch.

5. Ferocious BNA

I still haven’t seen BNA, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize some really good fanart.

Cheetah Paws hit us this week with this absolutely wicked picture of Shirou. It’s a very feral take on the character, accented by some sharp-looking claws, a wicked face, and some sharp, rough-looking fur. I also really like the close claw, which adds a powerful in-your-face mood to the piece.

The blur of colors and tilted angle also work very well with creating a nice, powerful and feral piece.

4. Kraken Fight

Coming in at #4 is an exciting battle against a legendary creature – the fearsome kraken! Battle pieces can be great fun, and this drawing is no exception, with a nice styilized look to everything. The kraken’s tentacles are dangerous-looking, with large suckers and barbs on the ends.

Each character’s got their own action going on, too. The cat-shark combo is pretty neat, and it’s interesting that there’s two different styles of what look like shark characters. The one in the water better watch out though – one tentacle’s getting a little close!

Don’t get too wrapped up in battles, however. We’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Those were some pretty hidden honorable mentions, huh? Now, on to the top three, starting with:

3. Carousel

Kicking off the top three is something that gives us a break from the intensity of the other pieces. Crym takes the #3 spot with this absolutely beautiful depiction of their unibunny as a carousel piece. There’s also a nice sense of magic and mysticism to the piece, which I think is brought about by the gold accessories like the crown, moon, and the stars. The soft shading also works really well too.

2. Raven Rogue

Coming in at #2 is another piece that gives us a break from the intense. Nathing gives us this pretty awesome-looking raven rogue character that’s got a lot of cool things going for it. The little golden sprites are neat, suggesting some magical abilities for this rogue. The colors are also very nice, with the gold, purple, black, and green working really well together.

And now, the #1 pick for this week is:

1. Indignation

Talk about intense! I saw this one early in the week and instantly had a feeling that it’d make at least the top three. I saw this pop up on FurAffinity and it got an instant “whoa!” from me. It’s a bright, intense piece that catches the eye, but isn’t too bright to where it hurts the eyes. And having the burst of magic be various curved lines that are brighter on the inside works well. It draws in the eye to the character in the center, which looks absolutely wicked.

I believe this is also one of the first pieces I’ve had on here done entirely in one primary color. It’s a great demonstration of how, with a skilled use of shading, lighting, and hues, you can get a lot of mileage out of one color.

Congratulations and well done RookShock Shack, your piece is the #1 pick for his week!

And that brings to end a rather intense string of furry art for this week. But what do you think? Do you agree with my list? Would you order things differently? Or, are there other awesome pieces that I missed? Let me now down below!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all next week!