Wow, it’s already the end of February! That means we’ve done a whole year of awesome furry art lists. Isn’t that crazy?

We’ve got some cool picks lined up for you this week, and a lot of newcomers this week. That being said, let’s jump right into things with our #7 pick:

7. Hope

Hope can be a beautiful thing – and Nyomi aims to show off that beauty with this piece that kicks off the list. It’s a simple but very symbolic and meaningful picture. For example, notice all of the cracks that you can see running throughout her body. And then, you have that beautiful glowing flower, with its light shining through some of the cracks. Though we might crack in life, the light of hope helps keep us going, doesn’t it?

6. Come to Being, A Taboo

Coming up on the #6 spot is this interesting piece done by Eruca. The character, a behemoth named Tyler, is drawn really well – there’s something about the shade of white, the shading, and the lighting that makes Tyler eye-catching. In addition, there’s the concept behind the picture – I don’t know if these are powers Tyler has, or if it’s symbolism.

Then again, a title like “Come to Being, A Taboo” and things like swishing ink that turns into a crow could have plenty of symbolism tucked away in it.

5. The Valentino

Y’know, I still haven’t seen Hazbin Hotel, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some sweet fanart when it pops up on my time line!

GasuGuma give us this outright fabulous drawing of Valentino, a villainous moth that owns Porn Studios, and is the boss of fan-favorite character Angel Dust. I like the way GasuGuma rendered Valentino here with a nice, villainous look, and that smile is something wicked.

4. Hadia on the Train

It’s been a while since we’ve seen art from Digger the Fox, but here he comes rolling into the #4 spot with some Aggretsuko fanart of Haida. Realistic styles are not unheard of in furry art, and indeed we’ve seen some in our top 7 series. However, the fact that it’s fan art has me really interested in this pic – I don’t think I’ve seen this sort of take on Haida.

Couple that with Digger’s usual sense of exquisite detail and nice use of color, and you’ve got yourself quite the picture.

Don’t get too lost in the detail, however. We’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Valentino isn’t the only one rocking a villanous look. Art by Sablez
Dinosaur Planet fan art? More likely than you think! Art by Mylafox
Nothing like some time out in nature. Art by Seelnose

Those were some pretty cool honorable mentions, huh? Now, let’s check out the top three, starting with:

3. Snowfur, the Horde Slayer

Anthony Avon sets off the top three with this awesome World of Warcraft-inspired piece, which has a lot of cool going for it. Firstly, there’s the character design, which is really neat to look at. Lots of small, intricate details lend personality to the character. Secondly, there’s the just-as-cool background, which has a nice, fairytale fantasy feel t it.

Also, the wolf has an eye patch. That’s like an instant cool pass.

2. Octo-Kitsune’s Treasure Hoard

Kyander slithers her way into the #2 spot with this Kitsune, Haaku. Or rather, Octo-Kitsune, given that he’s got seven or so tentacles for tails instead of the usual fox tails.

What can I say? This piece is a lot of fun to look at, mainly because of the tails. Blue was an excellent choice for them, as they contrast rather well with the kitsune’s orange fur. And the way they wriggle around, grabbing different bits of treasure, adds some personality to them, which adds to the fun. Haaku should watch out though – one of the tentacles might fancy his crown.

And now, the #1 pick for this week is:

1. Necromancy

Necromancy has a habit of finding its way into this series, doesn’t it? This one might be the best dark-magic we’ve seen yet, however – just look at it and take in all the details and staging of everything. The necromancer lizard, Charun, looks dark and sinister, especially with those golden yellow eyes. In addition, the skeleton dragon looks terrifying, and their bone wings are majestic as they are creepy.

Framing it as a portrait worked really well, too. It wouldn’t look quire the same in landscape, and scrolling the eyes down the piece is like scrolling down into an underworld pit.

Congratulations and well done Alai Aorax, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that closes off the month of February! Not very many romance pieces made it on the lists, which was surprising. but hey, as long as it’s cool furry art, right?