It’s season finale time for The 100, and it’s safe to say we wonder if this is the end of the earth. Bellamy at the science facility and Octavia at the bunker are talking through the radios about what they need to do, but they lose reception before either side can say goodbye, and before Clarke is able to say goodbye to her mother. At the bunker, Octavia talks to Indra and says she has to lead all the survivors but she isn’t a commander. Indra tells her that days of the flame, and of commanders are over and it’s her time to lead and to let her help. She gives Octavia the crest to put on her forehead and Octavia goes out to talk to and rally the people about the tough five years ahead.

At the science station, Raven tells everyone all the scary ways this group of 8 can die in 90 minutes time before the radiation wave comes. Bellamy wants to know what they all need to do to work together to live. Everyone gets briefed on their roles, Monty and John Murphy head to get a piece for the rocket. When they get to the location Monty can’t reach behind and unhook the device, he decides to take off his gloves to get extra room and the radiation starts to really damage his hands but he is able to unhook it. John Murphy helps Monty get the gloves back on and they work together with the device as it is heavy. On the way back, Monty starts to pass out and collapses. John Murphy tries to get Monty to wake up but can’t, he apologizes to him as he grabs the heavy unit himself and heads back to the science station.

At the science station, some sparks ignite inside the rocket and Raven asks the computer to do a diagnostic check, it runs through the gauntlet and says that life support is damaged beyond repair, along with communications would need a total swap. With this news Raven says they won’t be going anywhere. With no power to the ring itself they can’t open the hangar door when they get there. Raven says she is not smart enough herself to figure out a fix in 53 minutes. Clarke tries to rally Raven but she isn’t having it so Clarke gives a look at Bellamy who goes to talk to her. Bellamy asks Raven how many times she has saved their asses before anyone has ever heard of A.L.I.E., she says to many to count. Hearing the name A.L.I.E. triggers a thought process wave in Raven who thinks that they can do a work around by going to the temple from a pod that A.L.I.E. once used. They also need someone go to the satellite tower to reset the power.

Raven gives everyone the orders, her, Clarke and Bellamy head out, the other 3 stay inside to finish the restraints in the rocket. While outside they run into John Murphy with the piece, he says that they have time to go back and get Monty. Raven tells Clarke she has to leave the tower with at least 10 minutes or she won’t make it, Raven takes the piece inside the science station, while Bellamy goes and joins John Murphy to get Monty. Inside the space station Echo is missing somewhere and looks like she might be gearing up for a war. Bellamy and John Murphy makes it to Monty who was just waking up, Monty gives Bellamy a hug and John Murphy asks how come he didn’t get a hug first, Monty asks did he choose the machine over him? John Murphy says yes, and Monty hugs him and says he doesn’t think he hates him anymore.

With Clarke at the tower, the manual over ride isn’t working like it was supposed to, Clarke tries to radio Raven but it’s not working. Clarke looks at the control panel and sees now that she has to climb the tower to restart the power. Clarke looks at her watch and realizes she doesn’t have enough time to make it back. She prepares herself for her end as she is going to keep going to save the others. Back inside, Echo hides away and tries to commit suicide, Bellamy stops her from doing that. She asks why he would do that, she betrayed him and her people, he says that he doesn’t trust her, and maybe never will, but she is a strong person and they will all have a better chance at survival with her up in space and they need her. The countdown ends and Raven says it’s time to go even though Clarke is not back yet. They wait another minute and Bellamy says that they have to go it’s what Clarke would want, they are ready to launch unsure if Clarke got the power reset or not. Clarke is still climbing the tower when she sees the rocket take off, she is a bit happy inside knowing they made it and she keeps going on her mission.

The rocket makes it to the ring, and Raven gets all ready for her dream to moon walk to open the ring door. Clarke is trying to do the manual over ride, as praimfaya is approaching. Clarke is able to get it turned on and we see a jump cut where she is running away from the radiation as fast as she can, she has a crack in her helmet and running out of time, she makes it back to the space station but we can see that radiation got to her face pretty bad.

In space they now know that Clarke did it, and Raven is able to get the door open, but they are all running out of oxygen in the tanks. Raven’s tank ran out while on the moon walk, they are sharing oxygen for Raven, everyone keeps swapping tanks except for Monty and Bellamy, Monty is walking Bellamy through the steps needed to reset the breaker, everyone has ran out of oxygen in the tanks and with Monty’s last breath he tells Bellamy to hit the breaker, he does, and passes out, within a few seconds the air comes on in the ring and everyone starts to come around, except Bellamy who still has the mask on, Echo notices it and rushes to Bellamy and removes his helmet so he can get some air.

Bellamy and Raven look out at what is now the red planet. Bellamy says that Clarke saved them again, if they don’t make it she died in vain. Bellamy asks Raven if she is with him, and she says, yes always.

We flash forward 6 years and 7 days into the future, a very random time frame indeed. We are back on planet earth, and we see Clarke, short hair, a red streak in it. Looks like a renegade bad ass, has the rover with a machine gun on it, sniper rifle. Clarke is on the radio calling up for Bellamy, saying she doesn’t know why she still does this, it has been over a year that they could have landed back on earth. She tells Raven to aim for the one green spot, from what Clarke can see the rest of the earth is trashed except this area. Clarke is with someone else and she is looking out too, a ship starts to make it’s descent and Clarke thinks it’s Raven, the person with Clarke said she thought the ship was small. This one however is large, Clarke gets the sniper to look through the scope, she tells the other person to get back into the rover, Clarke looks at the ship it says, “Eligius Corporation” and “Cell Block R” and “Gagarin Prisoner Transport.”

Here we go again? But on a larger scale? Who is this, what planet or arc are they from? It might be from other parts of the world who had to go into space to survive. Could Bellamy and his team been taken over by this group in the 6 year span? If so I would wonder if they did some acts of crime on purpose to get sent back to earth? We have so many questions, and that doesn’t even take into account that Clarke hasn’t had any word from the bunker crew. So many questions but so many months to wait for a new season.