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WandaVision Episode 7: “Breaking The Fourth Wall” Review

Who would have guessed that it was Agatha all along? I guess it wouldn’t be too hard, seeing as it was fairly well known that Agatha Harkness was going to show up at some point and in some capacity. Everyone—myself included—was so caught up on the Mephisto possibilities that we just let good ol’’s Agnes slip by. 

The cat’s out of the bag, and Sparky’s dead—and it’s all Agnes’ fault. In the comics Agatha Harkness is a very old witch, who has served as both a companion to Wanda as well as an obstacle.  It would seem that here, they are aiming for the latter. It’s exciting for the MCU to finally start to dip their toes into the mythology of witches in the context of the Marvel universe. It’s an exciting corner of the world that hasn’t been touched—and is likely how they will finally give Wanda her Scarlet Witch moniker. 

I think the sitcom elements of this episode were easily the weakest of the season.  That’s not to say there weren’t gags that were golden—like Wanda not wanting to get off the couch, her messing with Vision and Darcy’s road trip, and Vision’s fourth wall breaks/interview shenanigans. Past that though, it really all just slowed down the episode. More than that, it made some scenes simply awkward.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

A good chunk of the Modern Family satire did not land.  This can be seen pretty clearly during the circus scene.  They were obviously going for some situational and sight gags, but nothing worked. The scenes were simply just dull and awkward.  It wasn’t until Vision and Darcy started speeding away that the show found its footing. 

While their ice cream truck didn’t quite drive the story forward, it was still satisfying to see this Vision become educated on everything that had happened to both Wanda and his former self. Having watched him slowly try to piece the puzzle together, it’s great to have him almost completely caught up in the context of his circumstances.

Then there was Monica. Yes, It was cool to see her get powers (or at least start the process), along with donning an outfit that is a clear homage to her classic comic attire. However, it all feels just a little rushed. We just met this character, and haven’t even really spent much time with her—yet now we are expected to be able to connect with Monica as she literally overcomes her (only recent l introduced) grief in order to get into Westview. It’s a huge moment for the character—but it just doesn’t feel substantial enough.  This is simply because we’ve spent so little time with her. I mean, the total minute count can’t be any higher than thirty minutes, and that’s pushing it.

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Now it may seem that I didn’t like this episode—but that wouldn’t be the case. There were certainly issues, and it isn’t one of the strongest episodes, but it was still plenty intriguing in that WandaVision kind of way.  I mean the episode that finally introduces us to (one of?)  the big bad(s?) can’t be all that bad. Speaking of: let’s talk Agatha Harkness.

“Breaking The Fourth Wall” wasn’t the strongest episode that the show has given us—mainly due to it’s sitcom roots falling short more often than not. That said, it was still plenty intriguing in that WandaVision kind of way. I mean we finally got introduced to one of (the only?) big bads in Agatha, Vision is all caught up, and we got our first post episode scene.  A scene that only serves to deepen the mystery that is this new Pietro. Or is it Mephisto? It’s always Mephisto. Or is it?

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