Doctors are breaking up, getting back together, resigning from their jobs, and leaving Seattle in general, all in this two-hour finale event of Grey’s Anatomy.

Dr. Owen Hunt and Chief Miranda Bailey share a heated conversation.
ABC/Lilane Lathan

As the episode began, we saw a glimpse inside of Meredith’s nightmares which feature Ellis practically haunting her. It seems to be looking like Meredith is truly planning to leave Seattle. She’s looking at homes in Minnesota. While she’s looking at homes with Zola beside her, Amelia comes up to them and shows that their research has gotten published. Maggie and Winston are happily laying in bed, and Winston starts obsessing over the money they gave Wendell again. 

Meanwhile, the JoTodd ship seems to have sunk. Jo talked to Link about how Todd had slept over the night before, but she’s not too interested in him anymore. He sings when he finishes (a possible reference to his famous role from Pitch Perfect), but anyway, he’s just not the one. She breaks up with him a little bit later in the hour. In other news, Jo and Link seem to be on good terms again, even making plans by the end of the second episode.

In the pit, a man comes up to Owen and asks to help get him medication to give to his wife, Rosie. He eventually even gives Owen an ultimatum saying that he either helps or he’s reporting what Owen has done. Owen goes to Teddy about this, who is immediately not on board with any part of it. She ends up telling the man no, and the man holds true to his threat. Finally, we see him find Chief Bailey and say, “I need to report a crime one of your doctors committed.”

Also, In the midst of the chaos already unfolding, there is a blood shortage to add on top of everything. Just in time for the accreditation council’s visit! The residents and doctors line up to give their own blood to try and help out. As Amelia and Maggie are giving their blood, Amelia talks about her breakup, and Maggie talks about the issues she’s having with her own relationship. Amelia tells her that growing up with siblings is different than meeting your siblings as an adult. Maggie feels like she doesn’t know enough about Winston.

Nick and Meredith are trying to figure out the best course of action for Cora, who is currently the caretaker of her aunt. Meredith raises the idea of a whipple that’s performed outside of the body, but Richard shoots it down. However, Meredith doesn’t agree with his decision, so she goes through with it anyway. Unfortunately, Richard finds out just as he is showing Jamarah Blake from the accreditation council around.

Back to another patient storyline, Simon is struggling to breathe, and it’s obvious that he’s not going to last much longer. Link, Maggie, and Winston eventually agreed that they could put Simon on ECMO long enough to meet his baby. He tells Kristen that he wants to name the baby Jamal. 

The first hour ends with basically anything that can go wrong going wrong. Maggie tells Winston that she thinks they got married too early. Teddy and Owen are about to run when Bailey interrupts them, and Owen admits to what he did. Nick and Meredith’s surgery also fell apart, and Jamarah finds out that Meredith is planning to leave. They needed blood for Cora, but the blood that was on its way to them was in a car accident, so they’re not getting blood anytime soon.

The second hour starts with Jackson saying a eulogy to Catherine. No worries, though. She’s alive and well, sitting with her granddaughter and April Kepner. Jackson leaves to go talk to Jamarah, but he doesn’t end up helping matters. It seems like the residency program is really about to be shut down. April winds up walking into the attendings’ lounge while Bailey is having a very intense conversation with Teddy and Owen, which leads to April covering the pit. However, it had to be shut down due to the blood shortage. Amelia walks in while April is giving blood, and they have a wonderful conversation about how love can come back around. I would also like to just say that it felt like April never left this episode, even though it’s been years since she was last in the hospital.

Back in the attendings’ lounge, Teddy and Owen tried to tell her that they had to do it, but they still broke the law, so Bailey couldn’t budge. She told them that she had to help with the blood shortage problem first, so they would have a few hours before she called the police. They resigned, and she wished them the best of luck.

Meredith’s patient, Cora, unfortunately, didn’t make it. This led to a lot of tensions, and Richard even accused her of trying to sink the program and/or hospital before she left. He also even went as far as to tell her that her mother would finally be proud. This led to a conversation between Nick and Meredith. She told him about how her mother didn’t want her to work at this hospital, and we even got a few flashbacks to Derek’s death.

Kristen and Simon’s story continued in a heartbreakingly gripping manner. Kristen started hemorrhaging, and this meant that she needed more blood. Blood that the hospital didn’t have, but Simon did. He told them to save his wife, and they did. He also got to meet his son and hold him right before he passed away. 

After Simon’s death, Amelia and Link shared a civil conversation. Amelia said that if she had remembered how much heartbreak hurts, she would have handled the whole thing better. Link said that he still loves her, but just not in a painful way anymore.  

In celebratory news, Catherine is no longer dying from cancer, rather just living with it again. Levi, with the help of the other residents, is fighting the blood ban on sexually active gay men in his own way by rounding up his friends to donate their own blood. Kai shows up in the parking lot, and they share a kiss with Amelia, saying that they haven’t been able to sleep. Maggie and Winston talk and come to the conclusion that they didn’t marry too early, but rather that they just need to keep learning about each other. Jackson and April share a long-anticipated kiss in the elevator. Jo and Link go home to hang out and watch Encanto with their children. However, the happiness has to be short-lived in this hospital.

Jamarah shows up to speak with Bailey, and to no surprise, the residency program is being shut down. She wants Bailey to start over, seemingly with people who don’t feel so much like family. The residents cleaned out their lockers, and there was an overwhelming feeling of sadness as they did so. Teddy and Owen were shown on a plane with their children. Jackson is asking Meredith to stick around, but it’s obvious that she wants to leave. In the middle of their conversation, Bailey hands the keys to her office to Meredith, and she says that she’s quitting. Meredith is sitting in the chief’s office when Nick comes in. He said that he didn’t think that she would mean to destroy the residency program. This led to an argument, more flashbacks, and inevitably, Meredith telling Nick that he should go. The episode ended with Meredith running out of the chief’s office, yelling for him, but he was already gone.