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Correction~ the word that I have been spelling iglaka is actually spelled aglaeca. I apologize.

We open to everybody dealing with their impending death, they have three days, differently. George wants Nick to find a rental place of his own. Ace is working and Nancy is tracking down the only aglaeca survivor they know of. Bess did some research and thinks if they give the bones back to the aglaeca, the whole death deal will be broken. Unfortunately, they are missing a piece of Lucy’s skull. Nancy has to go speak to her Dad.

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Nancy asked Mr. Drew to meet her at the Claw so it’s in public. She is not a happy camper. George and Nick are there for moral support. Mr. Drew is confused by her line of questions and a little disappointed. She finds out the person she is looking for, AJ Crane is a famous horror novel writer. He won’t give her the information she wants but he will drive her there. He wants a chance to keep talking.

AJ’s house is way out of the way and very scratched up. AJ refuses to help Nancy but he knows what’s going on. He kicks her and Carson out of his house. As he does the wind picks up and through the window, he can see the aglaeca. Nancy swipes the talisman the AJ had in front of his house. Back at the Historical Society, Hannah, the aglaeca specialist is helping. Ace goes to retrieve the bones and not only did the last evidence room guy get transferred, but there is no record of a skull in evidence. Ace found the skull in Det. Tamura’s desk. George is freaking out. She and Nick find comfort in each other. AJ calls Carson because he noticed the talisman had been swiped. Carson has no idea what is going on. Turns out the talisman she swiped calls spirits to her. AJ gets to her just as an attack happens and tells her how to get through it. Then he’s arrested.

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Nancy goes to talk to Ryan. Surprise, surprise, she wants a favor. Nancy wants to help AJ. She brings him the talisman. She again asks him for help. Ace goes home for dinner to celebrate the Shabat with his father. As yet another surprise today, Det. Tamura is a guest at dinner. As Nancy speaks with AJ, she isn’t filled with hope. She asks about returning the bones. He said try anything. Just before another attack, she leaves at his behest.

Nick and George check into a hotel after being walked in on when it was getting hot and heavy by Nancy. They really want to be together. George is willing but she keeps seeing them dying. It really dampens the mood. Det. Tamura reveals his real reason for being at dinner and Ace’s dad, kicks him out. Det. Tamura knows the skull is gone. Ace meets the gang in time to return the bones. They are taken back after Nancy gives her some blood. Is the debt forgiven? AJ is gone, for which Nancy and her friends are blamed.

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Nancy now knows why AJ and his friends called the aglaeca. It was to save a little girl from death. That little girl is Hannah at the Historical Society. She’s the one helping them with the aglaeca stuff. Nancy, Ace, George, Bess, and Nick are trying to find Hannah. Nancy is at the Historical Society and finds both AJ and Hannah. He is about to burn her alive.

Does AJ burn Hannah? Is the debt for Nancy and the gang forgiven? What do you think of the supernatural spin on Nancy Drew? I am still not sure. I know they are writing a good story though. It’s just tough reconciling what Nancy was to what she is today. Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…