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We open to the gang working on two fronts. One is to clean up the Claw after the supernatural storm. The other is the dybbuk box. Unfortunately, they don’t have the materials needed to finish the box. Ace finds a functioning dybbuk box and has a plan on how to get it. There are definitely challenges to using it. You need a totem from their death and meaningful objects from their life. They have the death totem. Now they just have to figure out who she was.

They know from the shanty who she is. From there they have tracked down information from her life up to her death. She was a Marvin. Captain Douglas Marvin’s wife to be exact. Officially she died of consumption, the song says she was betrayed and murdered. They all have their jobs. Ace will get the box, Nancy and Bess will gather items from her life, and George and Nick will sift through AJ’s stuff some more to look for helpful items. Nancy is surprised to hear that the others are worried about not getting this done in time. She was shocked some of them even wrote obituaries. Nancy hasn’t looked at it, she just focuses on getting past this alive.

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Ace goes to Carson to ask for help getting a hold of the dybbuk box. He wants Carson to ask on behalf of the Hudson’s to “borrow” the box. They end up having to go pick up Ryan. It is not a fun car ride. We haven’t seen Lisbeth for a while and she pops back in. She wants to fight for her relationship with Bess. They make a date for eight. Nancy and Bess find Hannah’s assistant. They need the ship’s manifest that Odet, the aglaeca, was on. They end up giving a history lesson that is an absolute mind-blower to everyone in attendance.

It is a bust getting dybbuk box on loan so Ryan wants to buy it. Bess ponders if talking to Lisbeth is the right thing to do when she may well be dead very soon. Nancy points out, at least Bess can tell Lisbeth she loves her. Shortly thereafter, they are attacked by a spirit of some sort.

Unfortunately, Nancy and Bess have to go back down into the cellar. Agnes, Captain Marvin’s second wife went mad and died. She wore the necklace of Odet in the picture that was painted of her and the Captain also. They need that necklace and hope that they can get her to tell them. George had forced her sister Jessie to start working at the Claw so that she could learn responsibility. Jessie doesn’t want that. She points out that she is responsible, just in a different way. AJ left behind special goggles that will help them see ghosts. Nancy is going to use it to see Agnes. Ryan was able to buy the box. Ace answers the call from Nancy on speakerphone. Dumb idea since Carson and Drew are with him and they hear a little too much as Nancy tries to fill Ace in. The ghost goggles work but Agnes is too mad to get information from.

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Since Nancy’s dad and father overheard some of what is going on, they are worried for her. Ryan and Carson are trying. They both want to protect her, but neither is sure how to help. Ryan wants to try to figure out his place in Nancy’s life. She is interested too but not right now. Nancy figures out a cipher Agnes had in her hymnal book. She finds the necklace they desperately need, as well as proof of Odet’s murder and the undermining of Agnes.

Does the dybbuk box work? Are they free of the aglaeca? What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…