Every year there are a number of stand-out games released for the major consoles, but will anybody still be playing them or even remember them in a few years’ time? Every game developer is always trying to make an unforgettable game, but what makes a classic a classic? Here are some of the reasons why classic games stand out from the crowd and regularly outlive much more modern titles.  

Everyone knows how to play

One of the best things about a classic game is its popularity. A game only becomes a classic if lots and lots of people have played and enjoyed it. This means the vast majority of people you encounter will know how to play the game. For example, if you were to hand somebody a game console controller for the latest first-person shooter, they probably wouldn’t know how to aim their weapon, how to shoot, or even who they’re supposed to be shooting. If you pass someone the controls to PacMan, they’ll probably know they need to eat the dots and avoid the ghosts as the game is so popular around the world. Another great example of classic games are casino games. These games have been played with friends, families, and of course, at casinos all around the world for centuries. Nowadays, you can even play online casino classic games anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. You don’t even need any opponents with you to play, as you can pick up the simple gameplay very quickly and challenge the computer at its own game. 

Filled with childhood memories

Another advantage that classic games have over modern games is the memories that are attached to them. Start playing a game from your childhood, and not only does your head become full of memories of playing the game, but also full of memories of who you’ve been playing them with after school. For example, many gaming fans who are either nearing or just entering their 30s will probably have great memories of playing Halo with their school friends. These days, they probably can’t dedicate the hours on end they used to spend with their friends playing games like these, so therefore there’s very little chance of a modern game provoking similar memories. 

Simple is sometimes better

One of the main reasons that these classic games are so memorable is that there are just a few iconic moments to remember. If you’re playing a modern game, every single level is probably filled with lots of speech, action, and tasks to complete. Previous generations of game consoles were never able to program so much action into one level, so if you played a level a few times, you could almost memorize each step you needed to take to complete it. For example, GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 may not have had the most complex storyline, but for many, it’s still seen as one of the most iconic plots for a movie-based game ever. Sometimes less is more, and modern games would do well to remember that.