A lot happened in this one.  We got one character back and found out who had been holding her.  We got to see a bit more of Klaus/Caroline interaction.  We saw a flicker of what might draw Elijah and Klaus back together, even if against Elijah’s will . . . and maybe not for the best.  And finally, we lost a main character, perhaps forever.

So That’s Where She’s Been!  

At the end of the adorable little road-trip between Roman and Hope, (which we all knew wasn’t going to end well) we discover that Hayley is tied up in an old house.  Once they arrive there, Roman puts magic chains on Hope.  Both mother and daughter are told that, if they want to go free, Hope has to have her werewolf side bound.  Roman is convinced that Greta will then release both women.  Hayley tries to convince Roman that Greta won’t do that.  Greta wants their deaths.

Considering how fast Roman looked hesitant and how reluctant he is to hurt Hope, I think he’ll switch sides pretty quickly.  He is one soldier his mother did not brainwash well enough.

Poor Declan, Poor Vincent 

Tell me there’s a fan out there who’s heart didn’t break for poor Declan when he told Vincent and Freya he’d made Missing Person posters for Hayley.  This was a great glimpse of what a real person would do in this supernatural situation.  Freya wants to compel away Declan’s worries, but Vincent is quick to refuse her.

It turns out that Vincent wants to protect Declan’s innocence the same way Vincent’s ignorance was lost.  Vincent believes that, without the dangers of the Mikaelson family, Cami would still be alive.  Vincent doesn’t want another person to lose their lives over all this.  He tells his witch friend Ivy (whom he is totally falling in love with) that he wishes he could rewind time.  He’d go back to before his wife died, to when he was last truly happy.  Ivy says that that would also be before he loved his wife and that he wouldn’t want that.  “You can’t be happy while also denying a part of yourself” she tells him.

Later, Freya tells Vincent he should ask Ivy out when everything is over.  Vincent says he will, and that Freya should call Keelin when this is all over.  They both say they will.  I didn’t believe them.  The looks on their faces suggested to me neither of them thought they’d escape alive.

Vincent goes to tell Declan everything about Hayley missing and about the supernatural world.  However, he doesn’t have a chance before he finds out just who Declan is.  Declan is the cousin of Cami.

Mother Daughter Bonding Time 

We got a lot of scenes between Hope and Hayley in this one.  Up until now, Hope had become very convinced that having her werewolf side bound was the only way to save her mother.  It was worth it and she’d do it as soon as she found somebody to do the spell.

Once mother and daughter are magically bound and left alone together, they get to talking.  Hayley agrees that having to kill a human to trigger the inner werewolf is bad and having every bone in your body break sucks.  However, Hayley says that are is no better feeling in the world that running through the woods as a wolf.  She wants her daughter to promise to never allow herself to be bound.  Hope won’t answer.

Concerned Mom or Manipulative Mom?  

There was a lot of Greta in this episode.  We saw her orchestrating where Roman was to bring Hope so that Hope could have her werewolf side bound.  We saw Greta flee to Antoinette, a daughter that was all too eager to help her mother and her endangered son.  Greta was quick to spin a tale of how at risk Roman was because of Hope and that only Elijah could protect Roman from Klaus.

I admit, Greta being the Big Bad of the season came as a surprise.  However, now that I know she’s evil, I can’t help thinking everything she does is evil.  I think she’d manipulate anybody.  I think that Hayley is right that a mother wouldn’t treat her son (Roman) like a soldier.  Either Greta is a really terrible mother or she’s just abusing that role to get what she wants.

A Klaus and Caroline Road-Trip?  Sounds Like a Great Spin-Off!  

Okay, okay, don’t get too excited.  There isn’t any chance of a spin-off depicting these two characters taking a road-trip.  However, we did get a glance today how that kind of a show would look.

If this episode had a highlight, I would say it was the scenes between Klaus and Caroline as they try to hunt down Hayley and Hope.  Klaus and Caroline talk about when they first met.  Caroline admitted she didn’t regret her time with Klaus, but that she’d been a different person back then.  It’s obvious that she’s right.  She’s far more mature now, even more mature than Klaus in many ways.

The Attempted Trick 

I don’t think I have ever liked Hayley as much as I did when the witch holds a searing stone to her palm, causing her to scream, to which she later says “piece of cake” to her daughter.  I always liked her sense of humor, but with her life, it rarely gets to see the light of day.

Soon as the witch and Roman think Hayley has had her werewolf side bound, they free her from the ropes.  Hayley knocks the witch and Roman out.  Hope and Hayley go for the door, when Hope realizes that Hayley can’t leave now that she’s just a vampire.  (It is daytime outside).  Hayley explains that the reason Greta and her people are afraid of Hope is because Hope could unite everyone.  Because of that power, Hope has to leave her mother behind and get out.

The choice is taken away from them when Greta bursts in.  She knocks Hope out and flings Hayley into a corner.  Greta throws open the curtains so Hayley is trapped in the corner.  Greta wakes Roman, who is heartbroken to find out Hayley was right.  His mother was never planning on freeing Hayley or Hope.  She was going to kill them all along.

Shocking Loss 

I am still reeling from what happened and how well done it was.

Klaus tries to save Hope and Hayley, but Elijah shows up to protect Roman.  Once Elijah snapped Caroline’s neck, the two brothers get into a fight outside the house.  It ends with Klaus bursting into the house and getting staked by Elijah.  (It never gets old, writing things happening to characters that would usually kill them in any other series).

Roman is kneeling on the floor with Hope, whom he refused to kill despite his mother’s orders.  Elijah is walking over to find out if Roman is okay.  Greta has grabbed onto Hayley and pinned her to the wall.  Suddenly, Greta shoves her hand into Hayley’s chest to grasp her heart.

In silence, fans watch Hayley look from Greta to Klaus kneeling on the floor with a stake in his chest, to Elijah standing over Roman and the unconscious Hope.  Hayley closes her eyes and for a moment, fans think this is her dying.  It isn’t.  It’s much worse and better at the same time.

Hayley snaps off Greta’s finger and then thrusts them both outside and into the sun.  They both catch flame.  As Elijah and Klaus stand in the doorway alongside each other, their faces are haunted.

The mother of Klaus’ child has died.

The mother of the woman Elijah loves is dead.

My heart broke to see the expression on Klaus’ face and for Elijah to stand next to him and do . . . nothing.

Best Line of the Episode 

Freya to Vincent: I am using up my mortal life trying to save immortal people.

Questions for Next Time 

What is going to happen when Hope wakes up?  Who will tell her about her mother?  Klaus?

What will this do to the factions in New Orleans?

When and if Elijah ever regains his memories, will he ever forgive himself for this?  For helping along the woman who killed Hayley?

What will Antoinette do when she realizes that Greta has been manipulating her, manipulating her brother, and manipulating Elijah?

Who will comfort Klaus?  Caroline?  Marcel?