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We open to a cemetery. Nancy and the gang interrupt Hannah doing a gravestone rubbing. They explain that they need to help the iglaka finish her unfinished business. Just before they leave, Nancy’s attention is grabbed by Cpt. Marvin’s gravestone. It has deep claw-like gouges. The iglaka is watching her.

George and Nick head to work. Bess, Ace, and Nancy go to a bar looking for Mack. They find out he is dead but his luck flask is still there. They ask if they can buy the flask. Unfortunately, they keep it as a deterrent for customers to walk out on their tabs. They offer to settle his tab. It was left at $10.00 in 1975. Inflation has caused it to be $874.00.

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Nick’s mom, Millicent visits. She wants him to come home to Florida. George walks in and Nick introduces them. They already met when almost hit George with her SUV and George hit the trunk in response. Later, Bess is waiting for Nancy at Nancy’s place after Bess went all over searching for the .45 record they need. Nancy got info on Mack and proof of death. Nick comes in and Bess leaves prompting Nick and Nancy to settle in for the night. Nick was woken up from sleep by dishes breaking in the kitchen. A ghost is wreaking havoc and is not very happy. When he sees Nick, he calls him Buddy asking for a drink. Mack maybe?

The next morning during clean up it is confirmed that last night was Mack. Turns out, Nick has seen him before, at the Marvins’ party. At work, Nick’s mom is still after him to move home. Nick wants his mom to let him be so to show her more of Horseshoe Bay he wrangles George to show him and her the best sights. Outside Nancy speaks about Mack. Millicent isn’t a fan of George. While at an antique shop Nick goes to look for a clerk and George goes to inquire about the iglaka records. While looking for a clerk, Nick runs into Mack. Again, Mack called Nick Buddy. When Nick asked about the record, Mack was unnerved.

Nancy suggests that maybe they look at the orphanage angle and George figured out why Mack appears to Nick. Nick is black, so was Mack’s best friend, Buddy. Ace asks Mr. Drew about why he did what he did in regards to Nancy. Ace wants to know his side and as a bonus, he can ask Mr. Drew about the orphanage. The who gang goes to the orphanage and they split up. They find a picture with five people. Nancy has seen them all before. They are all ghosts. The gang goes and searches Mack’s room and finds skeletal remains behind a vent.

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The cops were of course called. Nancy gives Det. Tamura the file and he is of course suspicious and snarky. At work, Mack shows back up. Nick can see him but the others can’t. Nancy and Ace talk about Mr. Drew just before Det. Tamura calls to let them know the body is Buddy, Mack’s friend. Millicent walks in just in time to hear Mack is going to kill Nick. George goes to talk to Millicent about Nick. She tells her why she is the way that she is and that’s why she is perfect for Nick. Millicent goes with George to help Nick and gets to see what he’s up against when they confront Mack again.

Does the gang find the record with the shanty? What happens to Nick with Mack? What happens with George and Millicent? Find out and tell me what you think in the comments below. Until next week…