7. Legacy Gathering

Starting off this week is an older piece done by Jerome Jacinto. Hey, who said older pieces of art can’t be cool?

Jacinto decided to repost this in lieu of Netflix getting the rights to all 22 Redwall books. And despite being an “older” piece it still looks pretty awesome! I really like all the varied characters strewn about the place. Not only that, but they’re of all different shapes and sizes too, which adds a nice variety and a bit of visual fun to the piece. Jacques never really described just how anthro his characters were, including size, so it’s cool to see artists play with that freedom.

I wonder which book(s) inspired this piece though.

6. Cupid Kovu

The Lion King fanart? And it’s Valentine’s Day themed? It’s more likely than you think!

Momobeda hit us with this pink Kovu (yes, that Kovu) dressed up as Cupid for a good ol’ Valentine’s Day-inspired piece. Which is a sentence I’d never thought I’d type, but that’s what you get with furry art: the unexpected!

There’s a lot going good with this piece, though. For example, I like the shade of pink Momobeda used; it’s very vibrant, but also very easy on the eyes. And the way the roses are rendered adds a nice floral touch. Of course there are roses, that’s like a romance staple!

5. Master of Water

Making waves at #5 is this gorgeous piece by Nviek5. Just look at those water effects! And we have polar lights as well? The horned character – I’m guessing it’s a furred dragon – looks pretty nice too. I like how his furry mane seems to run down his back and tail, and seems to run around other parts of his body, too. And the bright blue lines are a great touch.

4. Walk in the Rain

I think I might have summoned down-looking perspectives by featuring a piece a couple of weeks ago, because here’s another one!

Gabyt’s piece features more than looking down, however. Notice how there’s a lot of blue in the picture – in fact, the entire thing seems to be blue-tinted. The way the wet clothes are rendered came out really well too, and the celtic knot on his forehead adds a bit of mysticism to the picture.

Don’t get washed away in the rain, though. We’ve got the honorable mentions to see:

Now, let’s check out the top three, starting with:

3. It Worked!

Looks like we’ve got a master of plants as well as a master of water! At least, plant magic is what appears to be happening. Very bright, pretty plant-based magic.

Mylafox kicks off the top three with this beautiful, and admittedly cute, picture. The beauty is namely in the background – give it a good look! It’s a good ol’ classic magical forest, but it’s rendered very well. And our little fox magician here is as adorable as he is skilled with magic.

2. Night Lights of Tokyo

I always love a good drawing in a neon-lit city, and Eruca’s piece here is no exception to that rule. We’ve got ourselves a fine-looking male wolf that looks ready for a night out on the city. And what a city it is! Sure, it’s not a huge sprawling metropolis, but I still like the details Eruca added, like the other citizens going about their day.

There’s also some nice play with the colors, too, as one building has a soft green glow, while the other has a contrasting red glow. It’s more soft and not as pronounced, but still a nice visual element.

And this week’s #1 pick is:

1. Acrobatic

Ilya Royz once again snags the #1 spot with a piece that’s down right epic. And I know I tend to use this word a lot but, it’s also very, very dynamic. I love the way it’s framed – having the sword right there in front of the camera is a great, in-your-face touch. It also allows for Royz to show some real detail and care with this battle weary blade.

The pose that the scaley character is doing is great as well, and Royz did an excellent job on the finer details like his muscle and scales. And that awesome flip with the ribbons gripping the sword is amazing as well. Congratulations and well done Ilya Royz, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

Surprised that I didn’t see many Valentine’s Day pieces this week. Maybe everyone is waiting for the 14th? I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for any cute romantic art. Hopefully we’ll see some – we still got two weeks left in February!