It’s Monday – which means it’s time for more furry artwork! This list brings us to the second half of August, so let’s see how much steam this month gives us before we turn down the heat and get into the cooler fall season.

Alright! Let’s check out the art, starting with…

7. Arrows in the Back

We are once again greeted by Defiance the Unicorn! Looks like he’s going through something a lot of us have gone through…hopefully not literally, but y’know in a more metaphorical sense.

I like the way in which he breaks the arrow in half though. As if he’s being…well….defiant against letting it get to him. Or, it could be the sad acceptance of “here we go again”. I also like the roses in his hair. Adds a nice touch.

6. Evening Bubblegum

Up next we’ve got this lovely looking amphibious character, Mayate, who’s chewing some bubble gum and cracking some fingers. Hm….do I detect a bit of Duke Nukem or They Live going on here?

Speaking of kicking butt, I like the rips and tears on the outfit, which helps sell the “it’s time to throw down” attitude suggested here. She may be cute, but watch out – she also looks like she can do some big damage!

5. Rebirth

I think Fauxlacine may have hexed me, because her art keeps popping up in this series.

Very much one of those “you see something new each time you look at it” kind of pictures, with a lot of interesting duality represented throughout – for example the pentagrams on the lower right and upper left goats. While Hollywood may have convinced you that’s the sign of the devil, it’s actually a legitimate symbol in Wicca practices. And no, it doesn’t mean demons are trying to summon their way into your house.

We’ve got other nice dual symbols too – the top is dominated by red, and the bottom by green, the bottom goat looks more at peace than the angry top goat, and so on. And I’m pretty sure I’ve missed more than my fair share of other occult symbols at play here. I need to read up!

4. The Tide of Battle

It’s time to make like Ogre Battle and fight it out it seems! Coming in at #4 is this exhilarating snapshot of a fierce battle by Gorezing. The way everything is set up is very intense and epic. For example, the way the background is not only out of focus, but blurred as well, which gives the piece a sense of hectic momentum. As if these guys are striking and turning to their next targets quickly.

Plus the armor looks really cool, and the two sets of armor contrast each other nicely.

Now, let’s cut our way into some really nice honorable mentions for this week, starting with…

[C] Sailorrooscout
This is really sweet, and I love those fireflies. Art by Fuudles
Aerial Dance (Adok)
Anyone up for some exercise? Art by AyaVale
An Undertale festival? Count me in! Art by Neruco
Home Meditation (Sketch)
It’s always good to make some time to meditate. Art by EmincyBlackmane
r/furry - Morning in the Mountains [Multyashka-Sweet]
What’s better than a nice peaceful morning coffee walk? Art by Multyashka-Sweet
r/furry - Rock Star (Danza)
I hope that wasn’t too expensive! Art by Danza
This dragoness looks too tempting – watch out! Art by Merzb0w

We’ve got some pretty hot honorable mentions for this week! But now, it’s on to the top three, beginning with…

3. Righteous

Sablez doesn’t always post art, but when they do, it’s most likely going to be some epic stuff. A great way to kick off the top three, I think! But don’t get too lost in thinking this fellow is righteous – he’s got the villain tag if you check out the original post!

Religious villains can always be interesting when done well, so I think I’ll be keeping tabs on this guy. Also his armor is really great, and helps play up the “righteous” imagery.

2. Relax

Coming in at #2 is a rather, well, relaxing pic. Who knew that a snake tail could make a nice resting pillow? I guess it depends on how soft or firm the tail is. That’s also quite the long tail – I love how twisty-turny it is, and while you’re checking that out don’t miss the fine details like all those little scales!

I’ve also never seen a four-armed naga before, that’s a pretty cool design!

1. Galaxy Dive

Claiming the #1 spot is this beautiful pic by newcomer Kayfoxii – and what a debut it is! While it is set underwater, there’s a very cosmic, ethereal mood going on here. Maybe it’s the blues and purples in the water, or that fish swimming around made out of what looks like some kinda smoke.

Whatever it is, it’s great – the character has a lot of nice detail, and the blues and purples and other elements are incorporated in a way that well, swims great together. Then again, with a name like “galaxy dive”, it kinda invites in the cosmic.

Congratulations and well done Kayfoxii! Your picture is the #1 pick for this week. And congrats to all of the other artists as well! I always love seeing all the pieces that everyone does.

And that’ll do it for this week. We’re halfway done with August but I feel that there will be no slow down of awesome art – so don’t miss a beat to see more great furry art.