Go go go to the glow seems to be the order of the week for this installment of Furry Art Picks. We’ve hit the end of yet another month, so let’s see what kind of cool art, neat colors, and cute furs May can wrap up with, shall we?

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With that out of the way, let’s get on to the list!

7. White Glow

Starting things off is this nice piece by Kiwi Cabbit. The white with the gold trim actually reminds me of The Triumvirate from Winds of Change. Aside from that, the character in this pic is rather beautiful. I really love the way her face is drawn, and the pose has a sort of entrancing feel to it.

6. Ultraviolet

Big Round Lion comes back to the series with this awesome glowing pink piece. I think what’s really eye-catching is just how bright that pink light/glow is – it just draws you in. Couple that with the heavy shadows on the piece and you’ve got a nice visual contrast.

I also like how the text was laid out, which really helps guide you around the piece and take in more of the bits and pieces Big Round Lion put into the picture. Want a version without the text? Check out the linked Twitter thread – there’s an alternate version without the text there.

5. The Goddess of Life

The thing I love about browsing Fur Affinity is you never know what you’ll stumble upon. While there’s still plenty of…risque (let’s go with that) art that slips through, there’s also the chance to stumble upon really intriguing pieces like this one done by Tried Marejai.

First, it’s done traditionally, which is always a plus in my book. And it’s nature themed with cosmic themes? This checks so many boxes with me. But what really sell the pic is the composition of everything. You have the day/night contrast, the wolf has different landscapes on their back, the two birds have different symbols on them, and there’s even a nice reflection effect on the water.

4. Daft Raptor

Carnival is back, yet again, with another piece. I can’t really blame them though – those bathtub pieces were adorable and now we’ve got this awesome vaporwave -inspired piece done as a commission. We’re just missing some nice synth or vaporwave music to go along with this.

I almost feel like the city is more of the main focus of this pic and not the titular Daft Raptor, but that could just be how all the glow seems to focus in the center of the pic. But that doesn’t mean our mechanical friend is totally ignored – I love the sleek metallic look and their outfit has that great sense of fashion you really only get with genres like this.

So far we’ve seen some pretty great pieces! I’m really liking how this first week’s turning out – let’s check out some honorable mentions before we get into the top three:

A shockingly good pic, I really dig the way they have the lightning arcing off in different directions.

Is it me or do some artists seem to be on a neon/vaporwave kick? Loving this city street and the purple/blue light divide.

Check out this beautiful vixen done by Syurius Husky, complete with some fantastic colors.

Be careful you don’t stare at this one for too long – you might get hypnotized!

It looks like this old broken Protogen is being rescued by an angelic one. I like the approach they did to make the wings look cyber-like as well.

Check out this awesome dragon design! What a happy little fellow.

Stars and moon designs are something I’m admittedly a big fan of – but I really like how Crym 94 designed the moon in this one.

Those were some pretty neat honorable mentions, huh? Now, let’s take a look at the top three picks for this week:

3. Neon Wolf

Kicking off the top three is…another guy posing by their car? And it’s got that neon aesthetic too? I swear I didn’t plan this!

Honestly, at first, I mistook this for being Star Wolf from the Star Fox series. Then again I don’t routinely play Super Smash Bros, so that might have something to do with it. Regardless, I absolutely adore Momobeda’s take on the character. He’s still got that space-badass look about him, but there’s also something suave about the guy. Maybe it’s that sleek leather jacket?

2. Rain Slicked Streets

From neon-noir straight back to the past of film-noir. This gun-toting sergal takes the #2 spot with a near-monochrome pic that just screams style. You’ve got the badass detective with his weapon of choice, a rainy night, and lots and lots of angles. It just really adds a sense of busyness and intensity to things. And I love the way Little Bad Wolf emulated the graphic novel look with how they drew and shaded the sergal.

Maybe I’ve just been on a noir-kick? I have been playing a lot of Shadows of Evil from Black Ops III recently…though that’s more art deco. Which furries also need more of.

Wait, this is neither film or neo-noir! Whatever it is – it’s amazing! Coming in at the #1 spot is this beautiful piece by Fauxlacine that’s simply amazing to look at. It’s a mysterious, ancient ritual being performed by five anthros, with their goddess appearing to complete the Stonehenge-like structure. And…that’s really all the context there is to the piece. Even the artist’s Twitter post doesn’t have much to add to the piece.

But I suppose that adds to the piece. You’ve got all the amazing, beautiful work done, and just enough conveyed but not enough said to keep you wondering what’s going on. Perhaps the meaning of everything is a story for another time or just something as ancient and mysterious as this ritual?

Regardless, this is a well-done piece by Fauxlacine that caught my attention the moment I saw it. Congratulations on hitting the #1 spot and well done!

And that about wraps up this final week. May handed us some new regular artists and some intriguing pieces! Once again I want to congratulate all of the pieces featured both on-and-off this article. There’s always a great slew of pieces that I see every week that might not make on here but are still awesome nonetheless. Keep up the art and I’ll see you all next month – it’s June’s turn to show us what’s in store next!