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After rudely leaving us hanging, they finally pick up again. We open to everyone getting together at the Claw and talking about what they saw. They come up with the possibility that these are proposed deaths, not written in stone. In walks Det. Tamura asking Nancy to go with him. A girl was attacked before the park rangers hit her and she said Nancy’s name before she passed out.

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Det. Tamura doesn’t seem to be a fan of Nancy. She is a suspect in the attack of Amanda Bobbsey even though she has witnesses that can attest to her whereabouts for the past four hours. The woman had a code on her hand that was a message for Nancy for help with the iglaka problem. Bess had sent out a tweet that brought the help. That catch is they have to go into the haunted woods in the area on a full moon. Rumor has it, that is the worst time to go in this forest. Not that Det. Tamura knew this, but Nancy and the gang quickly found it out.

Nick, George, Ace, Bess, and Nancy find where they were supposed to meet the twins for the mirror. They trace where the brother should have been going and get there and split up. They get caught by Mr. Hudson himself. He is not amused. Ryan shows up, right in time to get them out of the situation with his father. Ace seems to be losing faith in Nancy. Nick and George find a clue as to the whereabouts of Gil. They walk into Woods, a suicide mission to be sure, to rescue him.

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They come across scarecrows of sorts, designed to keep the wraith of Gorham Woods in. Bess wants to go home. The wraith lunges for Bess and everyone takes off running. They make it to an abandoned school bus to try to stay safe from the wraith and find Gil who isn’t well. They get him hooked up to the insulin pump and he is still worried about money as he is dying. Even as they tell him of his sister.

Do they stay safe from the wraith or figure out how to survive the iglaka? Is Ace mad at Nancy? What more can possibly go wrong? I feel a bad episode coming up from too much in one episode. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next week…