As we come into the final season of “Originals,” we’re mourning as much as we are excited.  We’re eager to see how the long tale of the Mikaelson family will come to a close, but we’re just as reluctant to see it happen.  A small bit of news that only broke recently is that we won’t be saying goodbye to the “Vampire Diaries” universe just yet.

Yep!  You read correctly.  The CW has given the green light to making a spin-off of the spin-off! While no actual premiere date has been set, CW has announced they’re going to try a pilot on audiences based on Hope Mikaelson. In a future post, we’ll discuss some theories on the many directions a Hope focused plot could take.  For now, let’s talk about a few other plot-lines we’d love to see turn into spin-offs!

(1) Klaus and a Slave Named Marcel 

Dance Back from the Grave

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“Originals” has always been a series that is quick to use flashbacks. This is no surprise when it comes to an original family of vampires that have all lived long lives.  Despite all these flashbacks, there are certainly parts of their story we have only seen glimpses of.  One such example are the times after Marcel meets Klaus for the first time.

If you have forgotten, the pair first met in New Orleans in 1810. Marcel was a slave that Klaus saw glimmers of himself in.  Klaus even went so far as to give Marcel his name: Marcellus, which stood for “little warrior.” In the many years following Klaus rescuing him, the relationship between these two men morphed.  At times, they seemed like father and son.  At other times, they seemed as close as brothers, closer considering how many issues Klaus had with his other siblings.  Considering how much time Marcel spent with the Mikaelson family, it could be argued that they raised him.

Spin-Off Idea: This time period would make for a great spin-off. While it would break my heart to lose Charles Michael Davis, the CW could even bring on a younger actor. Imagine Klaus raising a young Marcel, teaching him the ways of being a vampire, showing him the world?  Imagine seeing more of what Marcel’s relationships were with the other members of the Mikaelson family. Considering the onscreen chemistry between Marcel and Klaus, this would certainly make for good-watching!

(2) The Therapist of Supernaturals, Camille 

Tangled up in Blue

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Although it would be heartbreaking in a way, (after all, we know how her story ends) there was much of Camille’s story that was never explored.  We know that she moved to New Orleans originally to solve the mystery of her brother’s murder.  Before that, however, much of her history is a mystery.  She had a degree in psychology. Her biggest secret was that she beat a defenseless man with her fists.  This makes me wonder if perhaps Camille came from a violent childhood?  Is it possible that the Mikaelson family weren’t her first taste of the supernatural?

Spin-Off Idea: While just following Camille through her childhood might be intriguing, I prefer the idea of her as a therapist to the supernatural.  She played this role to an extent with Klaus.  Imagine if Camille might have provided this function for other supernaturals, but she’d been forced to forget?  She adjusted in such a way to being around Klaus and his family, it makes me wonder if perhaps, she’d had more run-ins with their like before.  Bottom-line?  I do like the idea of a spin-off series on a Camille that gives therapy to broken, damaged, desperate supernaturals.

(3) The Origins of the “Originals”


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While it is extremely unlikely that a spin-off would feature anyone from the original “Originals” cast, it would still be exciting to get a better introduction into their pasts.  For instance, the earliest days of the Mikaelson family.  They were raised in the Viking era.  Life was hard in a totally different way from how hard life would be for them in New Orleans.  Klaus was beaten constantly by his father.  Elijah vied to teach his brother how to fight back.  Rebecca wasn’t allowed to have an equal role in things because she was a woman.

Spin-Off Idea: It would be awesome to see more of what this early part of their family looked like on a daily basis.  If they did do this, the series would set itself aside from both of its predecessors by being utterly unique with its setting.  More than that, I personally would enjoy seeing how Klaus became the monster.  Elijah once described his brother as a kind mortal, gentle, just desiring to be loved.  Somewhere, that was beaten out of him.  It would be fascinating to see just how that happened.

Other Suggestions?  

There are a lot of strings that the “Originals” did a good job of introducing and would do well as spin-off TV shows.  Marcel was in charge of New Orleans for quite a while before Klaus decided to take over again. Those years would make for great storytelling, especially if you add in the sweet, innocent father-daughter relationship between him and Davina.  Another great idea would be the history of the werewolves living in the bayou.  What were they like before Hayley came in and complicated matters?

So, tell me, do you have any ideas for what a great spin-off would be?  Do share!