I’m going to be super honest here everyone, I don’t want to write this review. By writing this down, I’m admitting to certain things that I’ve otherwise been denying since this episode aired last Monday.
But for you lot I’d do and write just about anything.

So! To start off, this episode is aptly named, solely because it centers around Bridgit Pike, more familiarly known as Firefly. Since Killing an officer in a frenzied panic, Bridgit has basically worried herself to the brink of insanity. Her segment of Gotham opens with her cleaning Selina Kyle’s place, anxious over the recent events.

Selina tries to assuage her fretfulness by suggesting that Bridgit skip town, but sadly neither of them had any money to leave on. That small hitch is nothing to Selina however, who manages to convince Bridgit to rob a woman-centered human trafficking ring. They construct a stick up and escape without a scratch with at least 12,000 dollars cash. Unfortunately for them, they’re caught on camera and Gordon recognizes them. That following morning, Selina walks with Bridgit to the bus station, where her brothers find and kidnap her.

Back at good ol’ Firebug central, the brothers throw firecrackers at their terrified baby sister until she gives in and says she’ll stay. To be honest, I’ve been saying for the past two weeks that someone needs to kill her brothers, and it’s apparent that the gods have answered my prayers. Upon freeing her, Bridgit retrieves her fire gear and scorches the two to a nice, toasty crisp. Bridgit decides, much to Selina’s Chagrin, to branch out and save the girls in the trafficking ring. (Who else was so excited that Selina showed some emotions here??). Once Bridgit’s done freeing the girls, she tries to escape the police, only to be set alight by her own flames. To everyone else, Bridgit died. In reality, she woke up in Indian Hill, a top secret portion of Wayne Enterprises that is experimenting on human beings.

Jim, after promising Selina that he’d do whatever he could to protect Bridgit, announces her death to her, and in turn loses Ms. Kyle’s trust and…friendship? To be completely honest, I wouldn’t know what to label their odd little relationship.

Moving on! We find Butch in front of Theo, Tabitha and Barbara, pleading (As Penguin demanded.) for work. Theo finally decides to left Butch on board, while Barb’ and Tabitha work out what weapon to fixate to Butch’s hand-nub. Turns out, a Mallet wins that argument. But! We come to learn that Theo and Tabitha know a bit about brainwashing when they catch Butch searching for Oswald’s mom. Theo sets Tabitha loose on Butch to reverse the mind warped process that Zsasz put on him. We can’t confirm if the process works, because the next thing it shows is Butch telling The Penguin that he knows where his mother is. Meanwhile, Theo is telling Bruce that there is an opening on the board of directors for Wayne Enterprises, and that he wants to be there so that he can help Bruce until he comes of age to run the company himself.

And so my friends we’ve arrived…to the cutest and most disgustingly painful portion of this episode.

Edward Nygma and Kristen Kringle were so flipping cute this episode that it physically hurt. Any time Eddie asked a riddle, Kristen absolutely lit with excitement and jumped at the chance to answer it. It. Was. ADORABLE. We end up seeing the two back in Ed’s loft, having dinner and being the best couple ever. The next thing you know they’re kissing. They make their way to the bedroom to do the diddly, ( There’s no way I could word that without sounding moderately awkward and/or creepy. Just move past it.) and spend the night talking. Ed notices that Kristen looks worried, and she admits to being terrified. She’s afraid Tom, the ex-boyfriend cop that Ed killed, will come back and hurt her. Edward tells her not to worry, and they go back and forth until he owns up to what he’d done. Ed explains that Tom assaulted him outside of her apartment and so he stabbed Tom to death. As proof, he reveals Tom’s Police Badge. Understandably Kristen flips out and tries to leave. Edward panics and pins her to the wall. But in his alarm at her reaction, and his panicked explanation, he doesn’t notice his hand around her throat. Or the way she stops fighting him. Once he realizes what he’s done, he cradles her body to him and screams and I’m very sad now. That’s it for this episode, please excuse me while I go put an ice pack on my broken heart and cry for 2 years. Tune in with me on TGON’s Twitter for Episode 7’s live tweet at 7pm Central standard time. We can suffer together! – Charlie