If you missed last week’s episode, you can find it here.

We open to Paula asking about plans during Winter Break. Gabe is going to Catalina with Jackie. There is a dance coming up for the school.

In class, Lorenzo is missing again. They are talking about the stress of both the midterms and the upcoming dance. Gabe feels dance will be a good way to relieve stress. The kids think the dance is as stressful as the midterms. Of course, Whitney would rather be at a college dance or a club where they keep Ughs out. Walt concurs as he is a nine himself.

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Back in the lounge, Paula brings in a bunch of newspapers because the article written about her and Wilson High is in it on page seven. No one has signed up for chaperoning the dance. Everyone pretty much plans on misbehaving so they haven’t signed up. Jackie points out that dances can be damaging to teens by reinforcing harmful social structure. Gabe just wants his kids to be confident in any situation so he asks Jackie for help. Gabe and Jackie are so cute.

As Jack and Gabe talk to the class, they talk about facing fears. Gabe points out where they have been fearless and have crushed the challenge. It turns out, they are supporting Grace because of her fear of the dance. Grace decides to face her fears and go to the dance. Doesn’t matter though, the dance is canceled. No one is happy about the dance being canceled. Even Carlos is unhappy about it. All he has in life is yelling at kids. Gabe has a plan to get that dance anyway. Jackie’s gonna help too.

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What is the plan and does Grace get to face her fears? This is seriously the best episode of the series. Speaking of “the series”, this is the last episode out for this season. I am so disappointed. The first season was ten episodes, the second was six and this one was five. I want more. I am used to seasons being around twenty episodes long so these new lengths are ridiculous. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…