After a couple of weeks’ of more misses than hits, “UnREAL”-that little show that could-found its footing with this episode. Drawing on gossip spun into fact, “Espionage” delves into the relationships of the show more than any other episode this season.

The relationship between Rachel and Coleman (in light of her baring the depths of her deepest secrets to him) is problematic on its best day. Quinn warned Rachel that Coleman was her version of Chet: a leech, a mooch, a lame and someone who takes, takes, takes and gives nothing in return.

Then Coleman showed his figurative arse in “Espionage.”

From dominating and controlling Rachel in a way that felt eerily similar to her mother to canoodling with Yael (aka, “hot Rachel”), he was one of the worst examples of a boyfriend perhaps ever seen. Him trying to drive a wedge between the UNBREAKABLE bond of Rachel and Quinn was like fetch-it was never going to happen. The episode ends with the magic production duo back in good terms and laser focused.on taking Coleman down.

In the interim, Quinn and her exceptionally fast relationship with John Booth hit a major snafu. The two lovelies decided (way too quickly, in my opinion) to have a kid…which Quinn found out wasn’t a possibility (in the biological manner). The way she gave up and lashed out at John so quickly made it obvious that she was unsure about their path. Still, the option to have a kid being taken away is a blow. Menopause ain’t easy, is it?

I didn’t touch on the best and worst part of the show: Yael’s date with Darius. After Rachel discovers Coleman and Yael’s flirtation, she ruins her blue dress and puts the sauce o’death on her sushi. We all see it coming. Yael and Darius dancing. Yael’s stomach screeching in displeasure. Yael desperately trying to get into a locked bathroom. Yael voiding the entire contents of her dinner, on camera. In her dress. As Quinn cackled in the background, all I could think of was “Holy sugar-honey-iced tea!”

Let’s see how the dynamic duo of Rachel and Quinn knock Coleman off his high horse next week, shall we? Join the livetweet fun at 10PM PST using #GetReal.