Welcome back to another awesome week of furry artwork. October’s been doing pretty good as far as the spooky, the magical, and the ghostly is concerned, and this week is no exception. I mean, it does contain the mother of all spooky holidays, Halloween.

We’ve also got the first week of November’s art here as well. So let’s get started on this week’s list:

7. Healing Bond

Starting off this week is a piece that invokes the magical. Yakukid gives us a rather hopeful piece featuring a doe using her healing magic to pull out the poison from the wolf. The artist really sets the mystical atmosphere with this piece as well – look at all of the different bottles, plants, herbs, and so on around the piece. And in all in different shapes, sizes, and colors that are intriguing.

6. Halloween Video Rental

So here’s something a little less life-or-death…but still in the Halloween spirit. Especially if you check out the videos that are up for rent. Though I don’t know how many kids these days know what video rentals are like – or arcade machines for that matter. Still, it’s a pretty cool piece and definitely gets that Halloween spirit going.

5. Deltarune Anniversary

What’s this? Even more Detarune fanart? I don’t know if having a Halloween release date counts, but regardless, it’s a pretty cool piece in a long line of great fanart. This one’s a little more…lengthy if you see what I mean, with a whole variety of quirky, fun characters from the game. Kris, Susie, Noelle, and Berdly being in a sort of mid-transformation as they fall into the dark world is pretty cool, too. The piece even has that friendly monster-about-town, Nubert! Everyone likes Nubert.

4. Brewin Up Trouble

Leave it to Fivel to not just draw some delightful scaley girls, but to do a great job on it as well. And it looks like our witching girls have got up to their own magical mischief, doing who-knows-what with that cauldron. If you look carefully, you might even spot a magical circle underneath the cauldron. I really like the shading and lighting done on this piece, and the color palettes of the two ladies work really well and make for some great, colorful visuals.

3. La Catrina

Leading us into the top three is this beautiful canvas painting by Decyl. I don’t see pieces from Decyl too often – and it’s no surprise given that not only do they use real paint, but also because of the high level of detail in their paintings. It almost looks like you can see every fiber of cloth and silk, every strand of hair on this piece. And it’s just as festive too – not for Halloween, but Dia De Los Muertos, which takes place November 1st. This is Decyl’s anthropomorphized take on a central figure of the holiday, La Catrina.

2. Concert Jam

Speaking of beautiful, check out this beautiful rocker that Admiralobster did this past week! And done mid-air in a neat action pose, too. What really sticks out to me here are the nice splashes of color found throughout the piece. For example, there’s the guitar, but also the rocker’s shirt. And all throughout the piece are dozens upon dozens of butterflies appearing in all kinds of color. Why are there colorful butterflies? Who cares, just go with it! It’s a great piece that really captures the energy and imagination of a concert.

And now, the #1 piece of this week is:

1. The Arcade Dragon’s Lair

It might not be spooky, and it might not have literal magic, but Kurtz really knocks it out of the park with this imaginative piece that has a sense of childhood magic to it. Kurtz has done some really great work on this series before, but I think this is my favorite piece I’ve seen her do. The high contrast of bright and dark colors really gets your attention and draws you into all of the really neat little details. And nostalgia too – just take a peek into the ticket redemption store. Adding that dragon on the top was a great touch too, making the kid seem like they are some sort of battle-worthy hero ready to trade with the dragon for some hard-earned prizes. Now, this is how you design the ticket counter for an arcade!

Congratulations and well-done Devin Elle Kurtz, your piece is the #1 pick for this week.

And with that, we have transitioned out of Halloween and into November. I don’t expect to see many Thanksgiving pieces, but I’ll keep a careful look. This also means we’re coming onto the merry time fo the year, which means we’ll soon be back in the realm of the magical and mystical. Only, the god kind of magical, not the scare you and then make a dozen sequels magical.

Well…they did make three Santa Claus movies.