Welcome to another list of weekly furry art!

We’re super excited to bring you this week’s list as we’re trying something different with the lists going forward. Originally, I picked my daily favorites and then from that organized my top seven.

This time around, I’ve picked my first and second favorite from each day, and then from that list of 14 pieces, chose my favorite seven. Honorable mentions have also been cut down to three, and are the 8th – 10th favorite pieces.

Sound like a plan? Awesome! Let’s get started with this week’s list, starting with:

7. Forbidden Knowledge

Kicking off this week’s list is a rather interesting piece by Lazy Creations. What makes it interesting is the subject – we’ve got this vulpine character doing some sort of magic with a book. As the magic fills her eyes, scraps of paper fly out of her hair, presumably of what she is reading.

I’m not too certain on what’s going on in this piece. However, the setup is an interesting one. The fur patterns of the character seem to go well with what’s happening too. The white harshly blending with the grey almost being symbolic for the hair blending into the paper.

6. Plush Collection

Up next we have one of Fivel’s characters with an adorable assembly of plushies. First off, the picture is very cute – I mean, what’s there to not like about all those small cute plushies? But it also makes for a fun picture to look at. There are so many different plushies of so many different shapes and sizes.

I like the expression of the character as well. It looks like she’s smirking this sort of “Yes these are all mine!” smirk. Adds a lot of character to the piece. Her blue, white, and black color scheme works well with the plushies. In addtion, there’s some nice rendering that really captures that scale-like-look.

5. Wings of the Cosmos

Carid Art is an artist I’ve started following recently, but have rapidly become a big fan of. They tend towards more realistic-style art, but as you can see with this picture, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fantastic.

In a way, this is a great example of how to do expressions with more realistic-looking animal characters. Take a look at each wolf – they all have their own expressions from being cautious, scared, in awe, and so on. The borealis-like effect on the wings is an excellent touch, making the wings appear that more arcane and wonderous. I also really like the expression on the winged wolf – I’d feel like that too if I suddenly got wings that rose me up!

Fun fact! This piece of art was done for Magic: The Gathering. You can check out the card here.

4. Galactic Werebeast

Lushminda returns to the list with an alluring piece – but be careful, or you might miss that skull-like creature in her tail! I’ve seen a lot of interesting tail designs out there, but this one takes the cake. I would’ve never imagined a slime-like tail with a skull in a hundred years.

That’s what’s cool about looking for interesting furry art pieces. You’ll find allk inds of neat concepts and ideas.

Lushminda also puts a nice combination of cool and warm colors into play with this piece. Mostly in the sense that the characters themselves have the cool shades, but the shading and light is warmer. It’s especially evident in the tail. Throw in a few stars for that hint of cosmic mischief, and you’ve got an interesting concept that just works.

Don’t get too lost in the gaze of the galactic beast though, we’ve got the honorable mentions coming up:

Up for a spell or two? Art by Contedraws

There’s magic in these honorable mentions, isn’t there? Now, let’s get onto the top three, starting with:

3. Space Lounging

Digger the Fox returns to us with yet another high-detail, great piece of anthro art. This time we’ve got an out-of-this-world piece with a rabbit kicking back and playing video games. I wonder, will Playstations still exist in the future?

The color scheme of the rabbit and the chair blend so well together. But the earth tones of the chair and rabbit serve as a nice contrast to the brighter neon blues-and-pinks and general brighter colors of the ship and outside space. And in typical Digger fashion, there’s tons of furry-detail on the rabbit, as well as the leather chair.

Plus, he looks so chill and relaxed. What’s not to like about that?

2. Lab of Wonders

Coming in at #2 is this magical chemist by Eruca. At least, I’m assuming it’s magical, seems logical given the contents of the red bottle.

What I like about this picture is the perspective, namely in how the counter curves around the outer edge of the piece. There’s plenty of science knick-knacks scattered throughout the counter too, which help adds personality both to the piece and our chemist.

Eruca did a very good job on the chemist as well. A great combination of lighting, shading, and folds adds a great sense of texture to her clothing. And her blue fur goes great with the pink and blue, as well as the magical red contents of the bottle. And of course, no science experiment is complete without the classic “Looking through the bottle with one eye”.

And now, this week’s #1 pick is:

1. Aethyr Bolt

Coming in at #1 is this awesome piece by Ember Wick. It’s not every day that you see dragons facing off against dragons, but when you do, you know it’s bound to be epic.

This seriously looks like something straight out of D&D, or maybe MTG. It’s a very striking, dynamic picture. The anthro dragon sticks out his wand and bam, a sharp beam of lighting tears through the flying dragon. And I do mean tear – check out the wound on the dragon.

There’s a lot of great things at work here, such as the design of the spell caster dragon’s robes. I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be spell caster robes but the design and use of reds, golds, and blues give it an almost regal look. The flying dragon looks very ferocious and menacing, with an excellent sense of anger captured in his face.

It’s a classic fantasy picture packed with some awesome skill. Congratulations and well done Ember Wick Art, your piece is the top pick for the week!

And that brings another list to a close. I’d say we’re off to a great start so far for the new year. Two lists in a row where ordering around the best picks was tough. I do like the new system I’m working with, however. Lots of cool pics would get stuck being in the honorable mentions or passed up. This new way will allow for a bigger pool of finalists that I think will work out great!

There’s only one way to see how well it’ll work, though: be here next week for more furry art!