There’s so much to say about this episode. Reunited ended the 5-episode arc that aired the first week of July on Cartoon Network.

Much like the opening to Mr. Greg, the episode opens with “For Just One Day (Let’s Only Think About Love)” sung beautifully by Steven Universe, and the Crystal Gems respectively. It was a wonderful way to begin as Sapphire and Ruby ready themselves for their wedding.


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Sapphire dressed in a dapper suit, and Ruby in a dress with flowers in her hair. There were plenty of jokes at Pink Diamond/Rose’s expense, as Amethyst wondered if they should have chosen something other than roses to decorate the arch on the beach.

Bismuth rocked her armor and chatted with Ronaldo during the wedding. Garnet reunited quickly, as Steven was happily pushed through reading the vows and Garnet appeared at last, sporting the rings Bismuth created the episode prior.


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The reception is interesting, as Nanefua dancing with her secret service men, and Bill Dewey looks on. Jamie sports the same look as he stares at Garnet. I love that this crush was continued into the fifth season. Garnet is someone you can’t help but fall for, but since she’s the epitome of Ruby and Sapphire’s love for each other, she has enough of a relationship to work with.

Steven cries in Garnet’s arms, alerting both to the presence of Blue Diamond. We see Yellow’s ship follow in close behind.

Nanefua alerts Beach City to shelter themselves as the cluster forms to arm wrestle against Yellow Diamond’s ship. They’re such a supportive group of corrupted gems.


Blue Diamond confronts the Crystal Gems after getting off her ship.

“Guess it’s time to work the old Universe charm.”


Oh Greg, you tried. But I believe you’ve flirted with enough Diamonds in your lifetime. Pink gave you Steven and Blue’s flirting got you and Steven out of a mess in Korea by Pink’s Palanquin, but let the Gems do their thing.

Alexandrite fuses for a few moments before Blue Diamond’s aura disables them, and they unfuse. Her grief lets out a wave of saddness, diabling all but Connie, who trots over on Lion to face Blue.

She shatters Rose’s sword without a second thought, recognizing the sword that supposedly shattered Pink Diamond. I was sad to see such a recognized weapon be “shattered” but I do feel like it was time. Perhaps Connie would be able to use the sword we saw Bismuth construct during the previous episode?


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Garnet faces Blue Diamond, clutching her leg long enough for Lapis to drop the barn on top of Blue. The gusto this fusion has is stupendous. Not to mention when Blue shoved her aura in the Crystal Gem’s faces, who wasn’t affected? Lapis.

“I’ve felt worse.” I was speechless. Like, damn honey. I’m so sorry for all the trauma you’ve been through, but I’m so happy you’re working through it in the face of danger. Either that, or she stuffed all her feelings down like I do all the time. Thank god I pay my therapist well.

Yellow and Blue face the group, and a fight ensues until Lapis and Peridot are disabled. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Lapis and Peridot fight that much, but all the buddy style fighting between Bismuth and Peridot was top notch.

Steven goes into a dreamlike state while unconscious, able to reach through to Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst and Bismuth during the fight. I loved the messages he said to him, especially when he said, “Don’t forget yourself Pearl!” as she echoed the “Do it for him” mantra from “Sworn in the Sword.”

He tries several times to reach Yellow and Blue with messages, trying to explain it was Pink Diamond the whole time. But their auras were much too strong to penetrate. That is, until Steven reaches inside and radiates Pink’s aura, pausing all the fighting as Yellow and Blue finally realize he is Pink Diamond, she is NOT dead.


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Whew, that was quite an episode. I certainly had to take a few hours to work through all of those details. And of course, I rewatched the episode several more times.