Keeping time can be an odd thing – mix that with furries and you’ve got something that can get even odder! Months only have 4 weeks but due to the odd way I do the weeks in this series we’ve got a fifth week in July!

What’s not odd is that there’s some pretty cool picks for this week. A couple times I actually had a tough time picking what would be an honorable mention and which would be on the list. Some tough choices but great art either way!

Let’s check out what we’ve got for this week, starting with:

7. Songs of Olde

I always liked bard-type characters myself. In fact, I used to make Niko a bit of a bard back when I would try to write fantasy stories. But there’s something to like about being able to sing a song and cast a spell!

I like the mystical qualities of the character too. We’ve got some wings, some great blue horns, and I like that crystalline look on the wings. Dragons tend to be mystic creatures to begin with, but this design adds a nice layer to that.

6. Dreamweaver Dust

Shiny, colorful, and sensual – that’s the order of the day for Golden Druid’s Dreamweaver drawing. I think they do a great job of capturing that idea – you’ve got some nice pastel colors on the vixen, as well as dusty pastel clouds swirling around as if you’re lost in some kind of day dream.

I also really dig the star-like sparkles in the black parts of her fur, and then you have her hair extending off panel and looking just like the other swirls. Don’t get lost in the day dream for too long!

5. Daily Steps

Did you get your daily steps in? It’s kinda hard with what’s going on in the world, but fortunately I’ve got stairs where I love so…go me? I think what got my attention first was that glow – that’s a really bright glow!

And then you start to take in all of the little details in this picture. You’ve got some really nice color going on (I love that gradient background!), but note how Kyander’s got some thread game going on. There’s even a little bit of texturing going on for the shirt! Some really neat things at work here when you break it down.

4. Watch the Roofs!

Hey! I haven’t got the house insured yet! What are you doing up there?

Danza Dragon gives us a partially playful, partially mischievous picture with this furred dragon causing a ruckus atop the roofs of other folks. And look at that grin on his face – he knows exactly what he’s doing.

I love the way this is framed, though. The front roof of the house is positioned juuuust well enough to bring your focus to the dragon, and heck even the trees in the background are as well. There’s no other way to put it – this pic is mischievously good!

So far so good. But let’s take a few moments to check out some really cool honorable mentions:

r/furry - Hana the cat [Art by me ^^ @Kurowos on Twitter)
Purple glows are always a nice touch. Art by Kurowos
This looks really cool. Art by Sdamned.
This guy looks all charged up. Art by Sir Ishinn.
Time for a walk in the ancient forest. Art by Vuorazas
Squirrel Korbs badge
He must’ve been taking lessons from Gandalf. Art by Kacey.
This was done using only graphite! Art by Kashmere.
Danny Shark Cannon!
Dynamic pirate sharks are always cool. Art by Pirate Fox Box.

Those were pretty neat! Now, let’s get on with the top three, beginning with:

3. August 1st

I swear I didn’t pick this one because of the title! Date coincidences aren’t the only noticeable things about this picture, however – Kikimochan once again brings characters to life with vivid color and brilliant detail.

I think one of the more eye-catching aspects of the picture are the colors and designs of the two characters. Well, that and the bright to dark gradient background also help. But the colors and designs are different enough to stand out from each other, while also not clashing with each other.

Also it’s a cute pic at the end of the day, and what’s not to like about that?

2. The Evening’s Preparations

Looks like we’ve got an opossum and a squirrel getting up to some magical preparation. The painting style of the picture is great, and I think works well for the fantasy theme of the picture. It’s also nice to see a opossum out and about , as I don’t see them too often. Squirrels are somewhat in that boat as well.

There’s lots of neat little details that help bring the picture to life too, from the different colored liquids and their bottles, to the folds of plate in the opossum’s armor, and we’ve even got two differently designed swords near the campfire too.

Speaking of magic, that brings us to the main pick for this week:

1. Secrets N’ Magic

Wow! Talk about magical! This time we’ve got incantations, magic circles, and spell books – what’s not to like about that? According to the description, he’s trying to use magic to….find out why his plants won’t grow right. Well, at least it’s for a good reason, right?

It’s such a splashy and visually pleasing image. You’ve got lots of different little things going on, a nice splash of magic front and center to grab the attention, and everything positioned just right. Which can be tricky – our rabbit friend here has wings, and it’s nice to see how they were positioned for the piece. Now the main question is – did he find out why his plants keep dying?

Congratulations and well done Cypher Wolf Arts & Fofl! This collab piece is my top pick for the week! Always love to see some great fantasy spell art.

And that leads us to the end of another week, and another month, of furry artwork. Will we see more magical, mystical art or some cool techno scifi pieces, or something in between? Only one way to find out!