Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art.

We’re already getting hit with fan art of Deltarune, which actually dropped its Chapter 2 release this past Friday on September 17th! I’m expecting a lot more to start cropping up over the next few weeks.

There’s also a lot of pose-irrific works this week. So strike a form, and let’s get right into the picks, starting with:

7. The Wizard and the Butterfly

This cute piece of Deltarune fanart featuring Ralsei is first and foremost. Who doesn’t like a scholarly goat wizard in glasses? However, I don’t think the goat is the only thing magical in this piece – check out that butterfly. It seems to actually be glowing, which adds a nice sense of wonder and mysticism to the butterfly and to the piece. There’s also what seems to be a somewhat hidden heart in this piece. Can you find it?

6. Divinity

For our #6 pick, we go from the warm glow of yellow to the cool cosmic blue glow brought to us by Kyander. I’ve seen this four-eared creature before, but I don’t remember where and what week it was. Still, it’s a cool design, and Kyander brings the character concept more into that cosmic-divine space by mixing in some bright blues, darer blues, and even some sparkling stars on their body. Couple that with an interstellar background and a pose suggesting spirituality, and you’ve got one cosmically divine piece.

5. Black Magic Woman

Better watch out – this black magic jackalope will put a spell on you! Wolven enchants the #5 spot with this alluring sorceress. Well, alluring and cool-looking -gold trims are always a nice way to bring any design to life. Take a close look at the cards too – they’ve got their own meticulously designed backing that just sparkles with magical power. In addition, I like her pose – it’s a sort of s-shape that draws your eye up and down the piece, allowing you to snag some extra details like the bats, cards, and spots on the jackalope’s body.

4. Magical Dragonborn

I told you this month was full of posing pictures! Cindy Avelino takes the #4 spot with another really cool design, this time of a dragonborn. I must be too used to Dungeon & Dragon‘s dragonborns because I nearly mistook this for a kobold – oops! All that aside, this is a pretty neat design. The yellow-orange and blueish-purple make for an excellent color combination, and the way Cindy drew the glow of magical powers also adds to the neat design. It’s a great-looking character and a nice reminder that dragon folk doesn’t all need to be tall, wide, powerfully-built creatures.

Don’t get too caught up in magical dragon folk – we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Can’t escape the posing even in the honorable mentions! Artwork by SadBitch
White Sheppy
Okay, this pose is pretty adorable. Art by Kashmere
Stargazer ✨
Gaze out into the night sky and wonder. Artwork by Mylafox

Some intergalactic honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Lost Wings

The only non-posing-piece of this week kicks off the honorable mentions. Trialestis brings to life what looks like a scene where one dragon comforts another on their lost wings. Well, the only non-posing piece of this week isn’t playing around when it comes to emotion! There’s a nice sense of contrast with the dragons, too: not only does one have wings and the other doesn’t, but the winged dragon is a lot lighter than the other. The room they’re in is also rendered with some great detail and nice effects, such as a slightly out-of-focus backdrop and a design that draws the eyes to the two dragons.

2. Spellslinger

Taking the #2 spot is this really cool-looking spell-slinging mouse sorcerer by Jandar. A great sense of the arcane powers flows throughout this picture – and through the character, too! Jandar also adds to that with lots of really awesome-looking arcane sigils here and there, such as the one in front of the mouse’s paw and another behind him. It gives the piece a sort of anime-ish feel in my opinion as if he’s calling the name of some ultra attack and summoning the energy with sigils soon to explode with the finishing blow.

And the #1 piece for this week is:

1. Butterfly

Elvofirida floats their way to the #1 spot this week that invokes a real sense of woodland magic. It’s also a bit of a book-end isn’t it? The first piece this week had a butterfly as a central focus, and now here’s this piece with a bunch of them. Let’s say for the #2 as well, as this piece has a nice sense of serenity to it. The gold jewelry is also an excellent touch, mixing in all sorts of patterns and styles. Speaking patterns, look carefully at the background; see the outlines of plants there? It’s a piece to bookend the week and a beautifully peaceful one at that.

Congratulations and well done Elovfirida! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And thus another week of awesome furry art flutters to a close. But what did you think? Have any in particular that was your #1 favorite? Let me know and I’ll see you all next week!