7 Furry Art Picks: Posing Power Edition (Sept 3rd Week 2021)

We've got goat wizards, jackelope sorceresses, magical dragonborns, serene cosmos and more on this week's list of furry fandom art!

Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art.

We’re already getting hit with fan art of Deltarune, which actually dropped its Chapter 2 release this past Friday on September 17th! I’m expecting a lot more to start cropping up over the next few weeks.

There’s also a lot of pose-irrific works this week. So strike a form, and let’s get right into the picks, starting with:

7. The Wizard and the Butterfly

This cute piece of Deltarune fanart featuring Ralsei is first and foremost. Who doesn’t like a scholarly goat wizard in glasses? However, I don’t think the goat is the only thing magical in this piece – check out that butterfly. It seems to actually be glowing, which adds a nice sense of wonder and mysticism to the butterfly and to the piece. There’s also what seems to be a somewhat hidden heart in this piece. Can you find it?

6. Divinity

For our #6 pick, we go from the warm glow of yellow to the cool cosmic blue glow brought to us by Kyander. I’ve seen this four-eared creature before, but I don’t remember where and what week it was. Still, it’s a cool design, and Kyander brings the character concept more into that cosmic-divine space by mixing in some bright blues, darer blues, and even some sparkling stars on their body. Couple that with an interstellar background and a pose suggesting spirituality, and you’ve got one cosmically divine piece.

5. Black Magic Woman

Better watch out – this black magic jackalope will put a spell on you! Wolven enchants the #5 spot with this alluring sorceress. Well, alluring and cool-looking -gold trims are always a nice way to bring any design to life. Take a close look at the cards too – they’ve got their own meticulously designed backing that just sparkles with magical power. In addition, I like her pose – it’s a sort of s-shape that draws your eye up and down the piece, allowing you to snag some extra details like the bats, cards, and spots on the jackalope’s body.

4. Magical Dragonborn

I told you this month was full of posing pictures! Cindy Avelino takes the #4 spot with another really cool design, this time of a dragonborn. I must be too used to Dungeon & Dragon‘s dragonborns because I nearly mistook this for a kobold – oops! All that aside, this is a pretty neat design. The yellow-orange and blueish-purple make for an excellent color combination, and the way Cindy drew the glow of magical powers also adds to the neat design. It’s a great-looking character and a nice reminder that dragon folk doesn’t all need to be tall, wide, powerfully-built creatures.

Don’t get too caught up in magical dragon folk – we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Can’t escape the posing even in the honorable mentions! Artwork by SadBitch
White Sheppy
Okay, this pose is pretty adorable. Art by Kashmere
Stargazer ✨
Gaze out into the night sky and wonder. Artwork by Mylafox

Some intergalactic honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Lost Wings

The only non-posing-piece of this week kicks off the honorable mentions. Trialestis brings to life what looks like a scene where one dragon comforts another on their lost wings. Well, the only non-posing piece of this week isn’t playing around when it comes to emotion! There’s a nice sense of contrast with the dragons, too: not only does one have wings and the other doesn’t, but the winged dragon is a lot lighter than the other. The room they’re in is also rendered with some great detail and nice effects, such as a slightly out-of-focus backdrop and a design that draws the eyes to the two dragons.

2. Spellslinger

Taking the #2 spot is this really cool-looking spell-slinging mouse sorcerer by Jandar. A great sense of the arcane powers flows throughout this picture – and through the character, too! Jandar also adds to that with lots of really awesome-looking arcane sigils here and there, such as the one in front of the mouse’s paw and another behind him. It gives the piece a sort of anime-ish feel in my opinion as if he’s calling the name of some ultra attack and summoning the energy with sigils soon to explode with the finishing blow.

And the #1 piece for this week is:

1. Butterfly

Elvofirida floats their way to the #1 spot this week that invokes a real sense of woodland magic. It’s also a bit of a book-end isn’t it? The first piece this week had a butterfly as a central focus, and now here’s this piece with a bunch of them. Let’s say for the #2 as well, as this piece has a nice sense of serenity to it. The gold jewelry is also an excellent touch, mixing in all sorts of patterns and styles. Speaking patterns, look carefully at the background; see the outlines of plants there? It’s a piece to bookend the week and a beautifully peaceful one at that.

Congratulations and well done Elovfirida! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And thus another week of awesome furry art flutters to a close. But what did you think? Have any in particular that was your #1 favorite? Let me know and I’ll see you all next week!

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