The Walking Dead 6 episode extended season, which I am calling 10C dropped a short promo video and some photos to whet our appetites before February 28th. Let’s take a quick look at what those were.

Negan and Lucille get a backstory! I can’t be the only one who is excited to see how this shows up on screen. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Negan. Does this start some sort of spinoff movie or series? Everyone does love Negan content. Photo Credit: AMC The Walking Dead
Call your best friend and then hold onto your butts! Negan and Maggie finally meet up face to face. In the promo video you can hear Negan tell Maggie that he didn’t escape if that is what she thinks. I do look forward to seeing how this dynamic plays out. Photo Credit: AMC/The Walking Dead
Princess is being taken by some armored soldiers in what appears to be a forceful nature, not by a group that appears to be friends. Is this the Commonwealth? Photo Credit: AMC The Walking Dead
The promo video says, one shared fate. Is this the end for Gabriel and Aaron? They are obviously surrounded by straggler Saviors. This could also perhaps be a fake out and the one shared fate pertains to Gabriel, Aaron and all the Whisperers, or Whisperers and all of our favorite group. Many ways to interpret this. Photo Credit: AMC/The Walking Dead

Some images that I didn’t include are more photos of Maggie, they are really showing that she is apart of this new season. We see Daryl doing awesome Daryl things as he looks like he is doing a sweep on a house. The other picture looks like some dissension between Carol and Daryl, which has been an ongoing thing for quite some time now. If you are like me you are just thirsty for Walking Dead and news. I hope to have some more things to share soon, but it’s all up to AMC to do that.