Comic Convention 2018. © Photo: Ra Boe

Conventions, comic cons, concerts, movies. Remember those? Remember when we could go and be among other people who also were there for those same exact thing we were there for? It almost seems like a lifetime ago.

2020 has been rough for us nerds. There isn’t any question about that. We all struggled to find ways to have fun and show off our nerd ways. We even struggled to find the nerd content to write about.

That being said, here we are. As much as this year tried to tear us all down we tried as best we could to keep going. At the beginning of this pandemic and all the lockdowns and isolation, many online events sprung up.

We had hope because we had some events, albeit, online. We took it, online events meant that there were celebrities to hear at virtual panels, fellow nerds to converse with, and fun to be had.

Unfortunately for nerds everywhere, as life began to balance out and we learned to keep going in this new world we are living in, we had less and less virtual events to hold onto. It became harder and harder to find ways to express our inner weirdo and it became harder to find joy in things.

However, there were some unsung heroes of the year, cosplayers. Cosplayers came out and gave us some at home content and shared their art with us from isolation. Check out some of our cosplayers! They really pulled through in giving us new content this year!

Many new podcasts popped up as well, like our very own TGON Podcast! A couple of our other favorites are:

Sort of Brilliant, a podcast in which hosts Rachel and Lauren sort some of your favorite TV and movie characters into their Hogwarts houses. You can also find them and follow them on Twitter!

Bed, Wed, or Behead where Carla and Meg decide who they would bed, marry, or kill. Read more about it here in our write up or follow their Twitter page for updates.

It’s A Fandom Thing, where Erin and her team (including me sometimes!) discuss all things fandom, from scary movies to classic TV shows

Tell us what your favorite podcasts are!

As much as we can be introverted, we thrive being among people who enjoy the same things we do. With the halting of conventions and concerts and other social gatherings, being a nerd became harder.

And you know what? That’s okay. This year took a lot out of all of us. It’s been an awful year in so many ways on the large and small scale for us. Having to pause our nerdy ways was inevitable. However, 2021? Watch out cause you can only keep a nerd silent for so long before we go crazy.

Have a happy holidays everyone! See you on the other side.