If you missed last week’s review, you can find it here.

We open to Gabe is telling his class he is proud of his class for passing the midterm. Mikey talks about dancing slow and Gabe just shakes his head. Gabe is looking forward to seeing the class’s parents at the parent-teacher conferences. He gets to brag.

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In the teachers’ lounge, the other teachers are dreading the conferences. Carlos wants to implement a peer review for all the teachers. Jackie and Gabe are so cute. Paula decides that the peer review is a good idea. The “winner” gets a good parking lot and an Applebee’s gift card. The “loser” gets the worst parking spot. There are mixed feelings about peer reviews.

Grace’s mother doesn’t like how much she talks. Mikey’s father doesn’t like that he is thinking about college. Lorenzo’s mother doesn’t like that Gabe’s favorite students don’t like that Mikey isn’t his favorite. Gabe takes the criticism to heart and completely changes his attitude but not for the better.

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Tony is trying to gather good peer reviews by bribing people. Not everyone is on board. I just realized how short Tony is. Man, Paula is definitely egotistical. Gabe talks to Mr. Hayward about the favorite thing. Mr. Hayward helps Gabe come to terms with how he feels about his students and what to do. After talking to Lorenzo, Gabe feels even better.

How did the peer review go? Who was the winner? More importantly, who was the loser? What are your guesses for each? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…