As we have shared in previous works, the job of a Dungeon Master is a difficult one. However,  thanking those that bring us to worlds unknown can also be challenging. What do you get for the DM that has everything? That is where this list comes in; we are here to provide inspiration as the bards we are here at TGON. We aim to help keep the fun times rolling and the holiday shopping a critical success! These gifts can be found on Amazon with links provided for ease

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You won’t have to check this chest for traps! Snacks are an excellent bet for any D&D player, and this Ultimate Snacks Care Package has a multitude of flavors ranging from salty to sweet.


dungeon master gift
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This eco-friendly mug will help keep the ale flowing without angering the local Druid. This tankard will bring the tavern to feel to life, so pour up a cold one for your Dungeon Master this holiday season.

Reusable Battle Board

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Bring the gift of battle to your Dungeon Master with this reusable battle map complete with multiple dry-erase markers and an eraser. While we cannot guarantee this will help your party avoid a TPK, it is sure to be a hit with the boss!

Dice Tower

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This dice tower is sure to keep the table safe from dice impact while still keeping the D&D flair. Plus, it acts as extra dice storage, keeping the Dungeon Master’s shiny rocks safe from harm.

Initiative Tracker

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Give the help action to your Dungeon Master with this initiative tracker. Keeping track of turns in a chaotic battle can be a hassle, but this device can make the fight run smoothly.

Travel Bag

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While there are no haversacks in our world, this travel bag can help keep your DM organized as they trek from location to location.

Condition Rings

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Spellcasters rejoice as these condition rings will help your DM keep track of those nasty conditions your setting upon your enemies, but be careful; they go both ways!

Fantasy Miniatures

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These fantasy minis will not only ensure your DM has all the enemies their heart desires but can also allow them to unleash their creative side. Pair these bad boys with some paint and give the gift of inspiration.

Spellbook Cards

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Keeping track of spells and items can be a daunting task; however, these spellbook cards, and many like them, can ensure a smooth session for all.

Dice Bag

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Finally, for the Dungeon Master with everything, especially dice, a dice bag is always an excellent choice!