We watch movies to find out that somebody else can feel what we feel, wants what we want and that our dreams are not as foolish as sometimes they may seem to others or even to ourselves. 

Today we would like to present you a list of great lottery films which will stay in your mind for all your life. Winning a lottery generally seems impossible, but deep inside, everybody at least once in a lifetime hopes to get needed lottery results, use the afterlotto calculator for money counting and start planning a new big purchase. These are the films that tell stories of those who actually won:

Fox and His Friends (1975)

Let’s begin with the classics. The German director of this movie, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, is well known for implementing social commentaries in his movie settings. Fox and His Friends (original title Faustrecht der Freiheit) is not an exception.

Franz (Fox) Biberkopf is a simple, uncouth, kind, and naive gay man who works part-time at a circus as a “living head.” He is obsessed with winning a lot of money in the lottery, and eventually, he wins a significant amount of 500 thousand marks. On the same day, Fox meets Eugen Thiess, a gay man from a completely different background. 

Fox starts spending more time with Eugen Thiess and his friends, but he clearly understands that he doesn’t belong there. A new company of friends has great taste in classical music, wine, and books; they know how to dress well and behave at the table. 

Fox can not adapt to a new environment, but considering that he has money, his new friends turn a blind eye to many things. Fox and Eugen become lovers, and after a while, the refined and immaculately educated son of an entrepreneur, experiencing financial difficulties, begins to pull money from his trusting partner.

This movie may sound like a dark example of winning a lottery. Still, it also can be a careful reminder that money has always been a great responsibility.

It Could Happen to You (1994)

Who wouldn’t like to watch a movie from the early 90s starring young and charming Nicolas Cage? Right. Especially when it is a kind and lighthearted comedy.

The biggest failure of Charlie Lang’s life, the police officer, is his wife, who only talks and thinks about money from dusk till dawn. And it is when he doesn’t even have enough money to leave a tip for a waitress! There is only a lottery ticket in his pocket, which he bought on his wise wife’s advice.

Without hesitation, Charlie promises the waitress half of his lottery winnings. And then four million dollars falls on his head. His wife, who completely loses her mind because of such happiness, has already spent half of the money. Now Charlie is rich, but he hasn’t forgotten that he still has to pay a two million dollars tip!

The movie is based on a true story that took place in March 1984th in New York with a waitress Phyllis Penzo and police officer Robert Cunningham.

Waking Ned Devine (1998)

Jackie O’Shea, a small Irish village resident, finds out that one of his neighbors won 7 million pounds in the lottery. Ned Devine was the lucky one. Unfortunately, it will be quite challenging to get the winnings – Ned died of joy.

Jackie and his best friend Michael want Ned to share his wealth with them, or at least it is what a living Ned would do. But it turns out to be much more complicated; they have to involve the entire village in their plan to convince The Lottery Commission representative that Ned Devine is alive.

This film tells a story very familiar to a fairy tale, about simple people with simple human feelings, a bit sad but at the same time a bit hopeful. It is delightful to watch an excellent dark comedy that simultaneously evokes empathy. 

Lucky Numbers (2000)

Yes, this one may be very controversial, especially taking into account its ratings on IMDb. But are you familiar with a feeling when a movie is bad but something still keeps you glued to the screen?

Maybe the story is a bit silly and naive, but there is a chance you will want to watch the whole thing. This film will require a special dumb-comedy-mood, but a charismatic tandem of John Travolta and Tim Roth worth giving it a try. 

And you probably would not want any spoilers. Here is just the short summary of what you can expect: “A television weatherman scams a local lottery.”

Welcome to Me (2014)

The story is about a woman with dissociative identity disorder who wins the lottery and decides to spend all her money on her own TV show about her life. 

It is another dark but touching comedy on this list, and the main advantage of this one is neglecting typical gags in favor of non-predictable and odd turn of events.

This story will make you think and answer the famous “What would I do if I won a million dollars?” question. 


There are a lot of great lottery movies that can excite your imagination! You also can find lottery-themed episodes of Friends, the Simpsons, or even Lost. Besides, there are many other lottery movies, from different countries, with various critics’ ratings, but more important – diverse life situations and opportunities that come with the winnings.

Every movie is an excellent opportunity to put yourself in the main character’s shoes and reflect on specific aspects of their lives as on your own. As the plots of the mentioned movies show, it is better to think through some things in advance when buying a lottery ticket. You will never know what the universe holds for you, so it is better to be always prepared.