Beavis and Butthead SDCC Panel 2022

Heheheheheh….they said to do.

Beavis and Butthead are two of the biggest idiots ever to grace the face of Television…and for that, America thanks them. They were a staple of 90s culture before getting a brief revival in 2011. After that, it looked like they were destined to sit back on their couch and eat nachos for the rest of their days. But, since nostalgia baiting millennials is profitable now, they’re back.

Earlier this summer, Paramount+ debuted the boy’s new film, Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe. The film saw the boys go into space, get warped forward in time, and almost break reality, all in an attempt to score. They failed (an alternate Beavis didn’t!), but it brought them to the present day, ready to snark at woke culture.

So, of course, Mike Judge, the creator of the iconic idiots, got invited to SDCC 2022 for a panel. While said panel wasn’t live-streamed like last year’s, social media covered a lot of what happened.

This Stuff is Cool

First, Mike Judge declared that the boy’s official age is 15, and that’s super important. Secondly, the new series premiere on Paramount+ on August 4th, which is more important.

Now, a big topic on hand was controversial: should Beavis and Butthead be smarter now? After all, culture’s become more progressive since the 1990s, and more people will find the boy’s behavior offensive. The answer is no.

Mike Judge admitted that the temptation existed, and the topic came up in a pitch for the recent film. However, he chose not to. He said that the duo doesn’t read very well, so that’s not gonna work. So, they’re as dumb as ever. If anything, their stupidity in a 21st-century America will be even funnier.

One thing that will change about the show, though, is what Beavis and Butthead watch and mock. During their original run, they’d watch MTV music videos and make fun of them. That later expanded to shows during the 2011 revival. Now, they’re going after YouTubers and TikTokers. Beavis and Butthead are becoming reactors.

In a look at one of the upcoming segments, BEAVIS’ journey with a talking dumpster fire is intercut by the boys watching a guy on TikTok and skewering the man in the process. Ironically, the reactions they’re famous for might be better suited to the 2020s than some would give them credit for.

Comic-Con is Cool

Another major highlight of the panel was discussions surrounding the other works he created or spun off from Beavis and Butthead. Firstly, his other famous show, King of the Hillacknowledged that it has a “very good chance of coming back.” In addition, there’s talk about doing more with Daria. Originally part of the cast of Beavis and Butthead, Daria eventually got her spin-off show on MTV. Either way, fans would certainly be excited for either show coming back. For now, though, fans still have Beavis and Butthead.