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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×7 of Krypton, “Zod’s & Monsters.”***

Doomsday !

Picking up from the end of the last episode, General Dru-Zod has finally taken down the mythical beast known as Doomsday and pledges to the citizens of Krypton that they will be the conquerors and not the conquered.

Dru-Zod is attempting to control Doomsday using somatic re-conditioning but Doomsday’s brain has so much scar tissue it’s going to take a minute to re-condition him. It’s during this time, 2000 cycles ago, we learn of Doomsday’s origins. A soldier with a rare genetic marker named Dax-Baron volunteers himself for the fate of the Krypton during the war. Set to become a super-soldier, Dax is put through hundreds of horrible tests, he dies and then comes back to life time and time again. After the end of the war, Dax-Baron’s wife comes to save him only to find out exactly what he’s become.

These tests are ran by an El and a Zod, however, it’s the Zod that is the one cannot take what they are doing to the man. In the present, Zod idolizes the man underneath the facade of Doomsday, calling them brothers and mis-understood.


The tragic origin of Dax-Baron AKA Doomsday (Courtesy of Syfy)

Seg, Nyssa (Cor) and Braniac

Seg can’t tell Nyssa where he is going because Braniac will find out, Braniac doesn’t like this so he renders Seg unable to drive the skimmer, but now Nyssa has to fly. Seg whispers out Fortress and Nyssa takes them there as they plan to rid Braniac from Seg.

Once in the Fortress, Seg asks to hold baby Cor-Vex one more time in case he doesn’t make it out alive. Hologram-Val hooks Seg up to the machine but it proves much more difficult then they expected as Braniac has put Seg’s mind and body on lock and Nyssa is now forced to remove the brain stem from the back of Seg’s neck. Nyssa is reluctant but Seg persuades her by saying exactly the right things and believing in her. After successfully relieving Braniac from Seg, Nyssa doesn’t want the baby to take on the Vex name anymore and they decide to name the baby…Jor…El.

Just when we thought everything was okay, Braniac’s nanites (courtesy of Ray Palmer) pop-up on the fortresses computer. Val scan’s everyone for parasitic residue but all of them test negative. Eventually, Braniac takes over Val’s hologram. Meanwhile Braniac’s Skull Ship appears of Kandor. Braniac tries to get Seg to jump-ship (see what I did there), but Seg believes that after all this time inside him, Braniac still doesn’t understand him. After saying no to Braniac’s offer, Braniac leaves the fortress while turning the newly Jor-El into dust.

Baby Jor-el

Nyssa and Seg give baby Cor-Vex a new name, Jor-El. (Courtesy of Syfy)

Kem and Adam’s Mission

Val puts Kem in charge of leading a new mission. Adam is a little hurt that Val didn’t put him in charge but Kem is much more knowledgable of the various tunnel systems around Wegthor. After being tasked with finding the rest of the Sagitari soldiers there on Wegthor, Kem makes Adam ask if he can be on his team. During the mission, Kem acts a leader, a side we certainly didn’t get to see during the last season, finds the soldiers and saves their lives.

Val and Adam

Val puts Kem in charge, not Adam. (Courtesy of Syfy)


Ah, “Zod’s & Monster’s,” the origin story we’ve been dying to see ever since we got our first glimpse of Doomsday late last season, was both superb and tragic. The man, Dax-Baron, actually isn’t a bad guy at all, he’s a hero, but he’s tortured to the point where he loses everything, his mind, his body, and his wife all to bring Krypton together. It’s Zod who finds Doomsday as a brother and hero and it’s very fitting that Dru-Zod would look up to Doomsday like this.

The El’s aren’t perfect. While the Zod’s are the one’s usually on the wrong side of the morality specter, this time it’s an El who’s the one doing something horrible for the greater good. If Doomsday can get some of his memories back after his re-conditioning, I wonder if he’ll remember that? Is that why he’ll choose to side with Zod?

It was a good idea to focus the majority of the episode on Seg/Nyssa/Braniac & Zod/Doomsday origin because if you’re going to do an origin story on one of the most well known Superman villains, you gotta do it right. Devoting about half the episode to the story of how a hero became one of the fiercest and strongest monsters in the universe was a good call.

Poor Seg. The guy finally get’s Braniac out of his head only for it to take away his baby he just got to name. I’m really digging this Seg/Nyssa combo way more than Seg/Lyta. Seg has always been strong willed, but now Nyssa has evolved into one of the most savage characters on the show, if anyone can take down Braniac for good, it will be these two. Now that these two are together, I wonder if Lyta will somehow be resurrected and brought back into the picture?

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