Spoiler Alert! I will be talking about stuff all through the series. Also, if you missed my article about Karrin Murphy, you can find it here.

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Thomas Raith is Harry’s half-brother from their mother, Margaret LeFay. Thomas’s father is Lord Raith, ruler of the White Court Vampires. I mention them in this article. Well, Lord Raith at this point, is more of a figurehead as his sister Lara actually rules. Only Lara gets to call him Tommy. Thomas has very pale skin and black hair. His eyes are grey, sometimes with a hint of blue. When his demon is at the surface, his eyes are silver. He can literally seduce the life out of you. He loves being a hairdresser because it allows him to feed without harm and just because he likes it. Harry has referred to Thomas’s looks as “unwholesomely good-looking”.

While Thomas appears to be either flirty or disinterested, he actually cares very deeply. He has had to learn not to show who or what he truly cares about because he is a White Court vampire. They will use what he cares about against him and possibly hurt those he cares for. He and his sister Lara have as good of a relationship as it can be within the games of the White Court. They seem to truly care for each other but must not show it too much. Thomas cares deeply for three others outside the White Court. His brother Harry and his daughter Maggie, Thomas’s niece. Not many people on either Thomas’s side or on Harry’s know they are related for similar reasons. It would put the other in danger. He cares very much, Loves even, Justine who in Peace Talks is pregnant with Thomas’s child.

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Thomas can perform magic such as tracking spells but he isn’t very good at it. It takes him a bit to cast a spell so he can’t really use it in battle. He is skilled in hunting and tracking and good in a fight whether it is hand to hand or martial arts or firearms. Thomas even uses swords and knives very, very well. He takes down his opponent as quickly as possible. Since he is faster and stronger than a mundane human which is handy in Harry’s world. He can heal almost anything as long as he keeps the hunger demon fed.

As a vampire, Thomas feeds on humans. Not in the same way as the Black or Red Courts do or did. (Harry wiped out the entire Red Court a while ago.) White Court vampires feed on life force and are considered incubi/succubi. They cannot touch, literally or figuratively, anyone who has the touch of true love. It literally burns them. This same problem transfers to items that have the protection of true love such as wedding rings.

Thomas is a really good guy who cares deeply for Harry, Maggie, even Lara, and most especially Justine even though he can no longer touch her bare skin. He is great in a fight and has had Harry’s back for a number of years. What do you think of Thomas? Let me know in the comments below. If you need to brush up on the Courts in the Dresdenverse, you can find them here.