The second week of December! We get ever closer and closer to the end of not just a year of furry art, but the year in general. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though – we’ve still got to wrap up this year’s furry art lists.

So let’s not waste any time and get right into this week’s top seven, starting with…

7. Made Warrior

Plive kicks off this week’s list with this horned warrior done up in some nice, striking warm colors. These reds and oranges really bring Fall to the mind, and I like how Plive blends them with other colors. Putting the warrior center stage against a background of mostly whites and greys also works exceptionally well, as their bright colors contrast with the background in brilliance. I also get a big kick out of the character’s self-assured grin as they hold their spear and shield ready. A perfect icing on the cake.

6. Slightly Out

Artistic duo Lingrimm are back at the #6 spot with this scenic shot of some lovely ladies. A nice, friendly dip at the pool with some friends that brings out some varied character designs in terms of species, colors, and swimsuits. But the bikinis and one-pieces aren’t the only things that are varied – each character has their own wildly different expression. And the Egyptian palace-looking setting is great. Now, add to that a focus effect that makes the viewer feel like they’ve managed a peek at these ladies and you’ve got a nice drawing.

5. Emperor

Zyor Art comes at us with a regal painting of an Eastern-looking emperor. I really like how Zyor rendered the more realistic-looking characters in this one while still managing to capture a lot of emotion in the emperor’s face. In addition, that golden armor looks brilliant, and Zyor’s use of lighting gives it that real royal shine. Lots of little nice details and designs adorn the armor as well. It’s a real stark contrast between the other character who does have a nice look to his outfit, but it’s not quite as regal-looking as the emperor’s.

4. Bloom Where Planted

Art by Sixth Leaf Clover

Sixth Leaf Clover continues serving draconic awesome after draconic awesome with this tree-looking dragon. It’s such an ancient, cool-looking design that has a sense of mystique and magic about it. Like we’ve stumbled on a picture of an old myth of some kind. The heavy uses of greens really give this a lush, beautiful look, with plenty of branches and flowers to help round things out. In addition, there are so many little details here and there that make this a beautiful, fun piece to have around.

Some pretty well grown pieces this week! But before we get into the top three, let’s check out the week’s honorable mentions:

Some great honorable mentions this week! Was a little hard to balance out where everything was going to go. But now, onto the top three, starting with…

3. End Times

Jacato rolls out the start of the top three with this beautiful, seemingly innocent piece featuring this cute little pup. But there’s something…off about it. Perhaps it’s the caption that the artist used (“End Times”) or the song lyrics used in the description which come from “The Suburbs”. Some even felt it had a very pre-The Last of Us vibe to it as if this was shortly before a disaster. Regardless, Jacato brings this to life with some vibrant paints. The pup has a nice air of childhood innocence about him too that adds to the piece as well.

2. The Feline Fighter

Up next at #2 we’ve got this fierce feline warrior by Alector Fencer that I believe has been on here before. I might have to start keeping track of repeat characters on this series! This warrior is from Fencer’s comic Myre 2, which I believe is releasing soon. Not much is known about her yet, but what is known is that the pieces she’s featured in show her to be a guard or warrior of some kind. This one is packed with emotion, as she’s got a horrified look against some dark clouds, and what looks like fire reflected on her armor.

And the #1 piece of this week is…

1. Collected Company

I should’ve figured it’d only be a matter of time before Ajani artwork popped on here! Surprised it didn’t happen sooner, really. And what a fun piece we’ve got – a mix of stern, rigid attention with some light playful moments. Something worth mentioning too is it lokos like each of the young recruits look like they have slightly different body styles, which I don’t think I’ve seen that often in multi-character pieces like this. Each has their own colors and accessories too, so even though they’re standing ready, they’ve got a bit of personality to them. On top of that you’ve got Ajani being playful with a younger lion cub, and the way Rudy rendered this mighty planeswalker is great. Also, don’t skip out on the two cubs play fighting in the background!

Congratulations and well done Rudy Siswanto, your piece is the number one pick for this week. Well done!

And that brings this second week of furry art in December to a close! This week gave me some real trouble with where to place things, especially with the top three. Let’s see if the following weeks can give us some real heavy hitters too!