!Spoiler Alert! I will be talking about the character Bob throughout the series. Also, if you missed my article on Thomas Raith, you can find it here.

Bob is probably my favorite character next to Harry from the series. Harry is the one who gave Bob his name when he took him after his uncle’s death. I love his lecherous, sassy talk as well as the vast amount of information he holds. Speaking of information, Bob is better than any library. He is a spirit of intellect that is magically bound to a human skull. His area of expertise is magical knowledge.

Since Bob is not alive in the same way a human is, or even a four legged animal, he has no body to move around with or defend his freedom. As such, Bob has had a few different masters. His most notable ones are Etienne the Enchanter, who is Bob’s maker. After Etienne was burned at the stake, Bob’s next master was Heinrich Kemmler. After forty years with him, and the White Counsel believing Bob destroyed, it was Justine DuMorne, Harry’s uncle, who took him. An improvement but not great. He then went to Harry until his death and currently resides with Butters.

Source Wiki Fandom

Bob does not forget information that he has gained through the ages. Well he can if he chooses to. He chose to forget his time with Kemmler. Later, he was ordered by Harry to forget the knowledge he gained with Kemmler after Harry made him remember it. Harry and Bob made a pretty good team in their time together. When Harry would get Bob’s help, Bob would usually insist on trashy romance novels as payment.

Just because Bob lives in a skull, it doesn’t mean he can’t live in a fabulous style. He lives in a “penthouse” inside the skull. Very sleek, black, and woody. His furniture is luxurious, silky in golds and silver. He has cornucopia of food, TV, stereo and even gaming. At least that is how it looks to Harry.

For those of you who watched the short lived Dresden Files on the Syfy Channel, you got to see how they changed Bob. Myself personally, I prefer that the characters I love in books to look close to how I see them in the books. This was one of the few times I was OK with some changes. He was played to perfection by Terrence Mann. He was given humanity and a conscience, even the ability to have affection. In the TV series, Harry had grown up with DuMorne and Bob was his tutor, therefore both had affection for the other. Bob certainly kept after Harry to pay the rent.

Like I said, Bob is one of my favorite characters. He makes me laugh and in the TV show even made me cry. What do you think of Bob? Who do you think I should do next? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…