Just so you know *Spoiler Alert*! I will be talking about things in recent books too, not just the beginning.

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Karrin Murphy is a kick-ass kind of woman. She likes to know who’s ass is getting kicked and why, but as long as it is a good reason and the law can’t handle it, she is good. While her given name is Karrin, she most often goes by Murphy. She and Harry met because while Murphy was a detective on the police force, she hired Harry as a consultant for the harder, weird cases. She and Harry had gotten good results working together, both with the mundane and the supernatural. The other officers on the force don’t understand or like her choice to hire Harry. They all think Harry is a charlatan. Murphy knows better. She has seen what Harry goes up against because she has had his back when the fur has flown.

At five foot nothing and a dainty build, her character and personality are huge. It would fit perfectly in my brother who is six foot four inches tall and built like a brick house. She is adept with firearms and carries a P-90 named George around with her as personal protection. She has even used a rocket launcher and a sub-machine gun. I know from personal experience that sub-machine guns have a definite kick. The fact that Murphy is so small and dainty has made it so she resents when men act gentlemanly towards her. Harry is a very gentlemanly man, opens doors and lets Murphy by first and whatnot. It never fails to irritate her at first. Later, I believe she finds it endearing.

She is versed in martial arts. She has studied aikido, wing chun, jujitsu, kali, krav maga, tae, kwondo, judo, and kung fu but has been practicing aikido since she was four. She had become proficient at wielding Fidelacchius, one of the Swords of the Cross. Twice, Murphy was offered Fidelacchius and she refused because she already had a gig, protecting Chicago. Later Harry makes Murphy custodian not only of Fidelacchius but of Amoracchius as well. With all this, Murphy is as tough as nails and not easy to push around even when she later becomes very hurt and has a limp. She has always held her own with the supernatural too.

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Being on the Chicago police force has always been a large part of Murphy’s identity. Once Rudolph helps get that taken away, she helps found and lead the Chicago Alliance with Gentleman Johnny Marcone and Laura Raith. The purpose is to defend Chicago against the supernatural. Its members are humans, practitioners, wizards, and other types of people. Most are considered weaker than wizards.

It may surprise you to know that Murphy has been married twice. Once at seventeen and once more later on. Her first husband died when he was forty-three from cancer that he never revealed to her he had. He was at least a decade older than Murphy. The second time she was married to a fellow officer, ultimately they divorced and he married Murphy’s little sister Lisa. She had a very sexual fling with Kincaid. It made Harry quite jealous. There has always been tension between Murphy and Harry though. I can’t tell you how happy I was when they finally got together.

This is Karrin Murphy in a nutshell. Do you want to know more? Who do you want to know about next? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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