Episode Synopsis:

Jess races to make alterations to Cece’s bridal dress, while Schmidt tries to keep his “wedding workshop” a secret at work, and Nick struggles to ask Reagan to be his date to the nuptials. Meanwhile, Winston and Aly try to keep their relationship on the down-low at work.

Jess & Schmidt- Jess has volunteered to fix Cece’s hideous looking wedding dress, and even though she has told Cece that it would be done that day, she hasn’t even started. Dun dun dun, dilemma! Schmidt soon finds out Jess’ little secret, so he lets Jess work in the bathroom at his office, which has been his workplace for wedding planning. And speaking of Schmidt doing wedding planning; he gets in trouble with his boss because she has found out that Schmidt has been spending all his time worrying about his wedding, than doing his actual work. Schmidt gets a warning that he could get fired. When Schmidt returns to the bathroom, he realizes that Jess is gone, but ends up finding her in the lobby. Yet again, he almost gets in trouble with his boss, but tells her that Jess is the new temp. One thing leads to another and Jess is picking up Schmidt’s boss’ kids at school and bringing them to the bathroom at work. And third time is the charm, because things get out of control, and Schmidt’s boss discovers the wedding “workshop” and fires Schmidt. When Schmidt got fired, I literally couldn’t believe it because we always see Schmidt concerned about doing well at work and he was always the one who had his professional life together, so I was thinking, “he can’t get fired.” Thankfully, Jess pulls some strings, and gets Schmidt’s job back and figures out how to fix Cece’s dress. Turn it inside out.

Nick & Cece- Besides Cece’s eagerness to see her finished dress, she has to deal with Nick. Nick has decided that he wants to ask Reagan to Schmidt and Cece’s wedding, but she won’t respond back to his texts. His second plan is for Cece to text Reagan instead. I don’t know how that was suppose to fix anything, but you know, Nick’s not really that great with talking to women. When plan Cece doesn’t work, he goes to his third plan, which is to send messages to Reagan from a phone that has a random phone number. Crazily enough, it works, and Reagan texts back about who is texting her. She thinks it’s a friend, and Nick just goes with it, so he can get more information out of her. Later on, Cece discovers that Nick has been texting Reagan with several different phones and she tells him to just text her as himself. He sends an actual message that gets his message across, and Reagan gets back with him. She says that she would like to go with him to the wedding, but she can’t because of work. Now hearing this in this episode and knowing that she’s going to be in the finale, I wonder how she changes her plans. So poor Nick Miller gets distraught, and Cece leaves him in his room.

Winston & Aly- So Winston and Aly are kind of together at this point, yay! But their only problem is that they can’t show that they’re together at work, because then they will have to work with other people. When they get to work, Aly attempts to blend in by making fun of Winston when he gets made fun of by the other police officers. Winston is obviously taken aback by this, so he decides to do the same thing to Aly the next day. Then things get carried away, and they start making out in one of the closets at the station. They end up getting caught be a co-worker, but after much thought, Aly decides to confess to everyone that her and Winston are dating. Whoo hoo! Unfortunately, they are assigned to work with other cops while on duty, but at least their relationship is out in the open. And finally, the couple end up singing their weird little theme song while at work, and I thought it was the cutest thing. Aly looked incredibly awkward, while Winston was smiling his face off. So funny.

I really enjoyed this episode. I love when they mix up the character interaction a little bit, because we always see the same interactions episode after episode. Schmidt and Jess are always funny together because they’re kind of similar in some ways and I love how we keep seeing more and more Nick and Cece, because that was rare in past seasons. Also, I can’t get enough of Winston and Aly, so I was super happy that all their scenes were together. So we’re on the home stretch to the finale, so all I can say at this point is, why does Reagan have to come back, why? I know I loved her at first, but now I’m super over her. She’s just there to further ruffle the feathers of the somewhat non-existent Nick and Jess storyline. Fingers crossed for a good finale.


3/5 glasses rating