Have you always wanted to play slot games for free but couldn’t find the right platform for you? If that’s the case, this is your lucky day, as we have some good news for you. Nowadays, sites like Slotomania are offering slot games absolutely free of charge. And that’s not all.

Free slot games have become so popular that even the most renowned titles got their free counterparts. There are many different categories available, and today we are going to focus on the one featuring games based on comic book titles. Stick with us to find out all about the top-notch comic book slots you can play online without spending a dime!


The Aquaman slot is based on the original comic book, but its popularity level increased after the release of the 2018 movie with the same name and Jason Momoa playing the central character. However, the provider decided to stay true to the original theme from the comic books rather than the one portrayed in the movie.

The underwater city of Atlantis has been used as a background on which a transparent game window has been placed. Players get the opportunity to follow Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, together with his lovely wife Mera, the Princess of Xebel, into their underwater realm.

Obviously, the main characters also appear as symbols, and if they land on your reels, it’ll be in full power and also fully equipped — Aquaman with his trident and Mera getting ready to bend the water using her spectacular supernatural powers.

High-quality graphics are complemented by water sounds and other effects common for the spinning of the reels.

Wonder Woman Gold

Here’s a free slot game all female players will enjoy. Wonder Woman, a superhero from DC’s Comics, took the image of Lynda Carter who had the leading role in the 1970’s TV show. Whoever liked the show will have a feeling that they’ve traveled back in time once they start spinning the reels.

The main symbols of the slot include both sides of Lynda Carter’s character — her everyday appearance as a civilian Diana Prince, and Wonder Woman into which she transforms when she puts on her superhero outfit.

If Wonder Woman is the superhero you fancy, you won’t regret trying out this free slot game. And in case you are still searching for the right free slots platform, check out Vegas Downtown Slots, as they offer a plethora of thrilling free slot games.

The Dark Knight 

Should you choose to take Christian Bale’s role of The Dark Knight, you will have to keep Gotham City safe. The game is based on the 2008 movie in which Heath Ledger brilliantly performed the role of The Joker, Batman’s arch-rival.

The main symbols feature four main characters from this outstanding screen adaptation of the story about this celebrated superhero. Plus, if we tell you that the slot borrowed the graphics, animations, and soundtrack from the movie, you know you can expect a splendid gaming experience.


There’s probably no person that hasn’t heard of this legendary superhero. The characteristic blue-and-red suit has made Superman easy to recognize while being the good guy made him the most popular comic book character ever.

If you have never tried your luck on a comic book-inspired slot before, there are plenty of sites on which you can do it for free. Needless to say, if you have trouble choosing the superhero to play with, Superman should definitely be on top of your list.

Justice League

Justice League is the last on our list simply because it has all your favorite superheroes brought together in a single game. You will have all the heroes mentioned above featuring the high-win symbols Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman will be on the reels while you spin them over and over again.

The villains are present as bonus symbols, with The Joker leading the anarchy crowd together with Darkseid and Cheetah. All in all, if comic books are your thing, these free online slot games might be perfect for making your dull Sunday afternoon more exciting.