So crazy to believe that November has already come and passed! We’re hitting the home stretch for the end of the year – but it doesn’t matter if it’s Turkey Day, Christimas Day, or New Year’s Day. We’re gonna keep rolling out great furry art finds for you to chow down on!

There’s a nice variety this week both on the main list and the honorable mentions, so let’s not waste any time and get into the #7 pick:

7. Ephemeral

Kicking off this week’s list is this thematic piece by Alector Fencer. A classic example of how a piece that’s got a simple palette can still be amazing and convey so much emotion. In addition, this is such a stark contrast from Alector’s typical work. Usually their pieces are bright and colorful, but this one is darker and more moody. Heavy shadows, greys, and an expression on the face that really sells it all. Whatever is going on in Myre 2 I want to know – I need some context to these pictures they keep teasing!

6. Cicero

Injecting itself into the #6 spot is this experimenting fellow by Lingrimm. As always, they come in strong with some great colors, nice use of focus, and some wonderful shading. What makes this for me, though, is Cicero’s design. I love everything about this character design, from that huge button on his throat, to the tinted glasses, and get a load of those claws and striped arms! It’s a fun-looking design and Lingrimm really did a good job in bringing out the unique creature design here.

5. Wholesome Rodents

Alright all together now: awwww! When I saw this one by Jerome Jacinto it immediately tugged on my heart. I already have a weakness for mice (thanks, Brian Jacques), so putting them in a touching piece like this is one surefire way to get me to stop and have a look. But aside from some sweet wholesomeness, there’s some good work here with Jacinto’s pic – I love how furry and fluffy the mice look. Plus, you’ve got a nice contrast between the white mouse and the tan mouse. And I don’t know what it is, but I feel like all of that negative space really adds to the emotion of the piece. I don’t know if that’s intentional on part of the artist but it works.

4. The Soul Seamstress

The soul can be a beautiful thing, and I think this piece by Holydove highlights the beautiful, otherworldly nature that we can find ourselves in when it comes to stories involving the soul. Though I can’t really say what’s going on, as the description on FA doesn’t say much, though I’m guessing the two characters are lovers as one of the tags is “romantic”. Still, we’ve got some nice cool colors in this piece that neatly draws attention to the warm glow of the soul. The heavy use of blues and their glow lends to the otherworldly feeling of things, and the backdrop has what looks like a temple or church window, which really leads the mind to a more spiritual place.

And now it’s time to get spirited away to our honorable mentions, starting with:

Some pretty groovy looking honorable mentions! Did you catch that rockin’ fellow or that bear with the sunflowers? Now, let’s move onto the top three, starting with:

3. Faulkner vs. Mathis

Dan Syron’s back at it again with some super dynamic art to kick off the top three. And of course, we don’t only have dynamic action and some intense colors – but we’ve also got some cool character designs. A cybernetic avian character? That’s also a cybernetic taur? Is this furry art or concept art for a new Mega Man boss? Whatever it is, it’s awesome. In addition, there’s such a heavy presence of orange and purple that I don’t think I’ve seen too often. Especially with orange dominating the palette, kinda reminds me of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the domination of yellow it had. Also, this is apparently a business meeting. What’s the business, trying to kill each other?

2. Autumn Breeze

Fluttering into the #2 spot is yet another breathtaking piece by Sixth Leaf Clover. And an appropriate one too for this Fall-time occasion! We’ve got Rhiann the Sa’uk Priestess who’s coming on down to practice her magic. And what a beautiful looking priestess she is! I love that turquoise outfit and the turquoise hue of the spell – it really stands out and brings attention to her. The wings look great as well, and are very huge, large, and majestic. I don’t know what the Sa’uk are, but if this is their preistess then I have to assume that overall they’ve got some pretty cool lore behind them.

But don’t fly off just yet, because we’ve still got this week’s #1 pick:

1. The One

Speaking of creatures with a majestic wingspan, check out this piece by Christina Kraus. Owls can symbolize good luck in Japanese culture – at least, that’s what I figure where this scene takes place. Either that or it’s a Japanese-inspired place. Be it based in reality or fantasy, it’s such a beautiful scene, with a lot to take in and see. Seriously – either save this and zoom in or check out the linked source tweet for some artist-picked closeups. We’ve got statues, apples in basins, plants growing on ancient statues, and more. And the way the forest parts near the top with the glow of the sunlight gives an almost otherworldly heavenly glow to the owl – fitting for a diety I think. Congratulations and well done Christina Kraus! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And with that, we have made it past Thanksgiving. Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of art celebrating Turkey Day – or heck Fall in general – but that’s how it is sometimes. But Christmas tends to be the biggest holiday, and with that around the corner, I’m interested to see what sort of chestnuts will be roasting this year. Let the holiday madness begin!