The colonies are making some changes after what happened at tank town. Strand is tasked with escorting Dakota to some sort of safe house, which if it is the same house why aren’t people there more often? I digress though, Strand and a bunch of rangers are taking Dakota to the safe house, she and a driver are in a car, everyone else is on horseback when one of the scout’s horses comes back unattended. Strand and one of the rangers go scouting ahead to look for Terry when they come across a perfectly cut tree blocking the road. The other one tells Strand that wasn’t wind, that was deliberate, on the way back to the convoy all of the horses approach without riders. Where the convoy was is all the dead rangers and Dakota and the vehicle missing.

Alicia and Charlie appear to be in some far off lookout tower, mapping the movement of walkers in the area, and ignoring every Strand’s call for hours. Alicia finally answers and Strand says it’s an emergency and they should meet in person. The girls meet Strand and his ranger, they ask what he wants and why he is out there, he tells them that the convoy was attacked and Dakota is missing, she isn’t sure if it was the same group that destroyed Tank Town, which the girls don’t know anything about. He asks Alicia to find Dakota so he can safely deliver her to the safe house, because Dakota likes Alicia more, and it will finally get him in a position to do the damage they talked about, which I don’t believe.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia agrees, mainly because she wants to see who is doing all the damage and if they seem goodwill ask them to fight Virginia. They find an altered walker patched together with all sorts of stuff, Charlie sees they are close to a hunting lodge so Alicia decides to go inside, which I get why but still a crazy idea when you think about it. Inside is a bunch of loud music, and a turned ranger that is being worked on next by an unknown person. This man ends up getting the jump on Alicia and injects her with something, when she wakes up she is on the table strapped to it. She frees herself and gets a weapon and Dakota ends up coming into the room before the man, whose name is Ed. Dakota tells Alicia that he is OK, he thought she was the one who attacked the convoy. Ed wants to play chess, and during chess with Dakota, she says that Virginia killed her parents, and Ed says that she killed his family too.

Alicia asks to start a fire so she can go look for stuff, she runs into Charlie who has been hiding inside, she says he doesn’t know she is there but says that all the windows and doors are secure so nobody can leave quietly. Dakota doesn’t want to leave this place, so Alicia tells him that he has to let them go because she is Virginia’s sister and she will come looking. He knows that is true and says wait until morning for a better chance. Dakota says that she still won’t go back to her sister, Alicia agrees, and then shortly gets on Ed’s radio to talk to Virginia, she makes a deal to turn over Dakota for her and Charlie’s freedom no questions asked. Alicia offered to take the first watch so Dakota could go to sleep, but she falls asleep too. Crazy Ed blasts more music which is getting all the walkers to come back to the lodge. He has them hiding out upstairs, Ed takes a nap and Charlie took his keys and injected him with some sort of tranquilizer. The girls wait for Walker to get away from the door so they can leave when Ed comes back, saying you have to hit a vein, Ed tries to shoot Alicia with a gun but in the skirmish gets gored by an antler.

Ed tells Alicia that he lied, Virginia didn’t kill his family, his first creation got loose and killed his family, but he will try to save them now. The walkers are breaking down the door after all of the commotions so he just stands there to get eaten, they plan to go out the side, however, half of the walkers get distracted and head back outside, to meet Morgan and his weapon. Alicia and Morgan dispatch all the walkers and hug, Alicia and Charlie are shocked he is alive, they thought he died from the gunshot. He said he was helped by someone, he is trying to figure out who and has a safe place to go. Fast forward to the morning Dakota asks Morgan why he is wearing Emil’s clothes. Emil is the bounty hunter that Virginia hires to track down people who run, and Morgan says he isn’t going to be a problem anymore. A little later Alicia and Morgan and packing up and they talk about plans, Morgan wants to trade Dakota for their people, the same deal Alicia wanted to earlier, but Alicia said she can’t do his way and urges Charlie to take Dakota to the place they talked about earlier(The Stadium) and she will catch up later. Morgan relents and says he can’t, he has been working to get them all together and it doesn’t work if they are not all together, so Dakota is welcome.

Strand shows up, he heard all the noise I imagine, and says he is taking Dakota back to Lawton, Alicia says she isn’t going with him, and Morgan comes out and says she is going with him, and it’s nice to see Strand. Virginia knows that Morgan is alive, and he thinks she didn’t want him to know because he is probably not as important as he thinks he is. Strand pulls a gun on Alicia, and Alicia and Morgan point their weapons at Strand. Strand asks if they want to do this, and Alicia asks if he does. He gives up and goes back, he tells Virginia that her sister is alive, but she is with Morgan, Alicia, and Charlie. Virginia is shaken and she asks Strand what side of this he is on, he says yours. She pats him on the chest a few times and says follow me, she mentioned there would be a time he would be called to the big leagues, well today is that day, and leads him to some secret room, inside the room is a pregnant as can be Grace. She has been held hostage in this small room in town the entire time. Strand asks Virginia who she wants next, she says she wants everyone they took from the damn Gulch!