Alright, my fellow furry art fans – welcome to April 2020! This week’s come out swinging with some great art. I know I say that a lot but wow, I really feel like this month is starting off pretty strong. There were actually a couple close calls for this week and even the top three was tough to decide on the most favorite.

As always, if there’s any cool furry art that you want to send my way feel free to hit me up on twitter and DM me your suggestions!

With that out of the way, let’s get into the top picks for this week!

7. Join Me For A Drink?

First on the list is this pretty alluring piece by Cheshirkas. First, that cocktail looks pretty tasty, and second, the outfit on them is pretty alluring.

I also really love the background colors. Kind of reminds me of my nights at Tail! Ah, I miss that furry bar event.

6. Peachy Willow Wisps

I still actually haven’t played Ori and the Will of the Wisps, but I probably should – I keep seeing some really adorable art of it. Case in point: this one!

It’s a simple, adorable piece. What’s there not to like about that? But it’s got more than adorable going for it. There’s a lot to look at, lots of color, and the movement and the pose of Ori is really fun to look at.

5. Damascus

Coming in at #5 is this pretty cool looking pic by Saint Ghostys.

What mainly draws me in are the colors. They’re really great, striking, and vibrant. And the lighting is nice too, and the way it’s done gives the piece a sense of intensity and maybe even a little bit of eeriness.

Also that mask design is really neat.

4. Psychic Espeon Mistress

Looks like “good looking” might be a recurring theme in this week’s pics.

Vexstacy Art (and Pokemon fan art) comes back this week at the #4 spot with this admittedly attractive Espeon.

Don’t let the bare fur and good looks distract you from some of the nice aspects of this piece, though! There’s a real sense of dormant ESP and PSI powers here. Note how the hair and parts of her outfit float around too, adding to that sense of psychic energy.

Which works – Espeons are the psychic Eeve evolution after all!

Before we get into the top 3 picks let’s check out some awesome honorable mentions.


Previous winner Skizm came out with this lovely lady that would’ve fit right in with the “good looking” theme this week.

Natalie De Corsair also seemed to have an (unknowing) contribution to the “lovely ladies” thing going on here. Watch out though – I think she’s got some deadly things on mind!

And hey, why not let some guys into the “lovely” category? Check out this wicked – and handsome – anthro Gerudo Wolf Link (that’s a mouthful) that Momobeda did. Lookin’ pretty good there!

And while this isn’t good looking in the attractive sense, this is good looking in the interesting sense. This cut out design to this badge is really cool and something I definitely don’t see around too often.

Now, let’s check out the top three picks for this week:

3. The Bunny Mage

Kicking off the top trio is this adorable bunny mage by Vega Nya. She’s cute, she’s good looking, and she’s got the magic touch it seems!

But that’s not all, Vega Nya packed this bunny with lots of details too. From magical glyphs to magic writings and decked out accessories, this bunny has it all. If you look hard enough you might even see a star in the eye.

2. Beastly Duality

No! I still have not seen Beastars. I know, I’m probably committing a furry sin. But does me finding this awesome art make up for it?

This just stopped and caught my full attention when I saw it. There’s just so much going on here with the duality between Louis and Adler, and the top with Legoshi and Haru is great – watch out for that evil Legoshi shadow though!

Honestly this looks like it could be official art. Or like official licensed merchandise. Or prints. It’s that good.

But, it was narrowly outdone by my #1 pick for this week:

1. Dragon Sushi Dinner

Coming in at #1 is this adorable picture by Sixth Leaf Clover. That’s right, the previous pic got narrowly outdone by this literal boatload of cute.

But Sixth Leaf Clover’s picture has a lot more going on than cute. The color is amazing, the action is great, and good gosh the detail of this pic. Look at the sushi – expertly crafted, almost every grain of rice illustrated, and topped of with scrumptious seasonings. That sushi looks good enough to eat!

Also again, those dragons are super cute. Well done Sixth Leaf Clover and congratulations!

That’ll do it for this week. Looks like April is off to a strong start – but will it stay that way? There’s only one way to find out!