More furry artwork? Yes please! Time to kick off another round of awesome furry artwork.

Like last week, I’ll also be sourcing primarily from Fur Affinity and from the furry subreddit. If you’ve never been there, you should check it out! It’s a neat subreddit and folks there tend to be pretty nice.

7. Strong Souls Stand Together

Starting things off is this beautiful looking wolf duo. Just look at the glow of that white wolf – I love the way Ronkeyroo gives it this angelic glow. Don’t miss those little butterflies going around either.

The other wolf is nice as it’s a darker colored wolf, and the fur plus the dark clothing gives it a nice contrast with the bigger, glowing wolf. very pretty!

6. Down in the Study Hall

Looks like we’re continuing the idea of glowing pieces! Coming in at #6, we’ve got this draconic fellow that’s doing….something. The description on FA doesn’t admittedly say much.

But it looks cool! Maybe they’re trying to do some kind of ancient ritual or study the statues? Speaking of which – get a load of those statues. I love the detail on them. I’ll have to keep a watch on the commissioner so I can learn more about this world.

5. Music of the Night

Phantom of the Opera-inspired art? Yes please! I love how beautiful this picture came out, and it’s a style that I haven’t really seen before. It almost looks like it’s some degree of CGI. It’s neat to see the kinds of styles that furs do with the wide range of tools available for digital art.

It’s a wonderful rendition of one of the key moments of The Phantom of the Opera. There are tons of passion, intensity, and longing in their expressions.

4. A Husband’s Fursona

Looks like Kyander is back with another round of great furry artwork! We’ve got this urbanite rabbit here taking a seat in front of some wonderfully-rendered graffiti. There’s just so much detail and style to the picture that it’s hard not to stop by and take a look at everything. Did you notice the lion on the Starbucks cup?

I also have to say that I like the way Kyander does foot paws, mainly in ho they seem to be inside the feet rather than on top of, if that makes sense? If you take a look at some other art with foot paws you might see what I mean. It’s just another notch to Kyander’s awesome style.

Looking pretty awesome so far! Let’s check out some great honorable mentions before moving onto the top three:

A four armed protogen? I’ve never seen that before! Looks pretty sweet.

This is pretty neat, I love how this shows off the different aspects of the character.

Watch out! This saber tooth lady looks ready to deal some serious damage!

Looks like we’ve got a pretty awesome party going on here! Careful you don’t spill the drinks.

Really loving the colors on this one!

This Wolfess may be a little sad, but the artist shouldn’t – this is a great pic!

Speaking of colors – look at the vidid colors on this dragoness!

These were some pretty neat pics. Let’s get on to the top three:

3. The Story of Beastars

Time for more Beastars fan art! I’m always drawn to traditional style art, but I love how parts of this look almost as if they’re done with water color. I know that suites like Photoshop and GIMP can emulate that look, but like with painting style pieces, it doesn’t seem easy to get right. In fact, it almost looks like it’s water color in some parts and colored pencil in the other.

But style aside, the colors also really draw me in. I think the characters are positioned just right to help them all stand out and be noticeable.

2. Pizza Time

Silverfox comes in at #2 with another cute and well-done pic of adorable fluffy animals cooking. This time it looks like they’re doing pizza! Seems a little crowded but I’m sure that the little guys have got more table space set up out of frame.

Silverfox’s pictures are always a joy to look at, and it’s hard to feel sad when you’re assaulted by such cuteness and color. And the way the world around them is rendered is just as remarkable. I first saw Silverfox drawing characters over real-world pictures but seeing the way they masterfully render full on backgrounds and settings never ceases to amaze me.

And now, the #1 pick for this week is…

1. Lombax

If there’s one thing that can be said about furry artists, it’s that they work fast. A new Ratchet and Clank game was just announced the other day for PS5 and we’ve already got some great pieces inspired by it – such as this amazing Lombax piece done by Imalou. It honestly looks professional, as if I could see this on a piece of merchandise or on a trading card or something -this pic is just that good! In fact, I had to take a second look at it to make sure it wasn’t CGI.

From the colors, to the way the fur is rendered, to a very nice use of background blur, everything about this is phenomenal and I’m quite surprised this isn’t making the rounds as often as I think it should. Perhaps we’re quick to do art but maybe not so quick to share? Either way well done Imalou and congrats – you’re this week’s top pick!

Who knew the world of r/furry could house so much great art? As I mentioned before, the community there is great too. Lots of nice furs, and SFW content is generally encouraged, so you won’t have to worry about running into anything too awkward.

They also don’t mind if you post your own content too! So if you’re someone who’s either a full-time committed furry or you occasionally dabble in the antro arts drop on by, share some animal-infused art, and stay a while!

Congratulations to the top seven this week and a well done to all the art posted throughout the week. We’re halfway into June so let’s see what other quickly-made-based-off-just-announced-games we might see this month!