When I heard about the release of Dimension 20: The Pirates of Leviathan, I was not worried about the quality of production or player interaction. When I play D&D online, there is still plenty of side conversations and connection between the other PCs and myself. This being said, I was blown away by what this excellent cast was able to perform. Down below is a quick overview of the characters before we get too deep into the campaign!

Source: Dimension 20

The Characters


Barbarella “Bob” Sasaparilla Gainglynn is an Aasimar Bard voiced by Krystina Arielle. This Betty Boop inspired character spends her nights singing at Garthy O’Brian’s pleasure house. Bob longs to be an adventurer and gets her chance when her best friend Trixie went missing. Her disappearance led Bob to meet Sunny and the rest of the crew.


Cheese is the youngest adventurer on the team at only 14-years-old and played by Carlos Luna. This Forest Gnome is an inexperienced wizard with a complicated home life. After the death of his older brother, Cheese’s parents force him to work in a factory to pay for their lifestyle. After coming across a mystical artifact, he made a daring escape and met a new protector named Jack.


Jack is a Ratfolk Barbarian with a troubled past voiced by Matthew Mercer. His weapon of choice is part of a mast from the ship he worked on before it wrecked. The people of Leviathan regard him as being cursed and leave him offerings to avoid the same fate. When Cheese ran into him with the artifact, Jack flashed back to that fateful night. His current goal is to destroy the artifact and keep Cheese safe.


Marcid is a feline Bugbear Ranger voiced by B. Dave Walters, who works as a mercenary for the Crescent Moon Trading Company. He appears to have a complicated relationship with Myrtle because they find the company in one another despite his fear of water. While Marcid was tasked with being the muscle for this company, he appears to have a soft spot. When he Kenku family could not receive an insurance payment for the burning down of their home, he took down their address for later. After Cheese stole the artifact, he hunted Cheese down to retrieve it for Myrtle.  


Myrtle “the Bitch” is a Merfolk Cleric voiced by Aabria Lyengar, who presents herself as an all-powerful sea witch. She runs a shop in the Water Line in which she sells goods from shipwrecks. During one of her hauls, she found the artifact and sold it to Crescent Moon Trading Company, after being offered several chests full of gold. Her goddess, Umberlee, was enraged by Myrtle’s willingness to sell this artifact and ordered her to retrieve it. This brought her to working with Bob and Sunny, thus leading her to the rest of the crew.


Sunny Biscotto is a parrot Aaracokra Paladin voiced by Marisha Ray. While Sunny’s family obsessively worships Sol, she secretly worships Jane Wren, goddess of adventure. Sunny yearns to be a pirate while her family dismisses these ideals and believes in honest work. When Trixie went missing, Bob came to the Ramble for some help. The pair made their way to Myrtle’s lair, which eventually lead them to Jack’s creepy abode.