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Baby Pogo

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How adorable is baby pogo? This episode included the back story of the soon to be family caretaker and the many experiments he and Sir.Hargreeves conducted. I’m still curious as to how Sir.Hargreeves and his wife worked together on so many projects, but gave his adopted children a robotic replica of her. I’m suspecting that she died sometime later on this season, which gave Sir.Hargreeves the idea to have children. Later on in the episode during the family meeting, Luther admitted to finding his father first. I hoped that this whole time traveling fiasco was something that Sir.Hargreeves planned for, but he genuinely didn’t know. Luther has been through a lot this season, Sir.Hargreeves made it worse by tearing him down emphasizing that he would never have a child like him. It makes me wonder if that’s why he sent him to the moon. Did he ever really love these children?

Vanya & Sissy

It’s a good thing that Vanya doesn’t remember everything yet because if she did, I’m sure that she would be ready to tear the world apart again. It wasn’t enough that she was hurt by her family and first boyfriend, she was hurt by Sissy. It’s obvious that these two belong together. For the first time in her life, Vanya actually felt wanted by someone. She has helped Sissy’s life in so many was that she worried she wouldn’t come back. Unfortunately, in this time period it’s frowned upon to be LGBTQ+. Sissy had to pretend to still be in love with her husband and let him have his way with her after having relations with Vanya. Vanya tried to convince Sissy that she could live a happy life with her and Harlan, but Sissy believes otherwise. I hope Sissy won’t cause Vanya to go crazy again.

Bad At Love


This was my favorite scene of this episode because Allison, Vanya, and Klaus said F*** it all. They bonded over their ways of screwing up relationships. Part of this is because they’re superheroes, the other part is because they didn’t receive much love themselves. It’s sad to say that I love Klaus better when he relapses because his “F*** it all” attitude is a mood. Better yet “F*** it all” is the tone of 2020. It was fun to watch these siblings dance like the end of the world isn’t coming. Eventually, Allison decided to tell Raymond everything. This will build up to an interesting outcome in the next episode. Hopefully Allison and Klaus can eventually live in their truth.

The Set Up

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I guess Lila didn’t love Diego after all, she allowed her mother to blow up one of the Swedish assassins and place Diego’s knife at the crime scene. It won’t be long before they hunt him down. While Diego is battled the hurt he felt from Lila, five was set up for another meeting with the Handler. It’s unclear what she’s going to do to him, but I think killing him would be too easy. Five has ruined The Handler, so she could retaliate by getting his family killed. Every time the end of the world happens, five is always left alone to grieve his family. This could be five’s weakness and the handler would know because she found him this way before. Five being alone again could also be his main motivation to prevent the end of the world at all cost. The handler isn’t a forgiving person and she’s surely not merciful. She is responsible for Lila being the monster that she is.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I love the build up of suspense formed from this episode. Every time I watch the Umbrella Academy, I intend to build multiple outcomes, which makes this show more excited. I knew Klaus couldn’t stay sober for too long, but I didn’t think the slap of his former lover would be the reason why. I wasn’t expecting Vanya to be calm this long but we can thank Sissy for that. At least until Carl keeps pushing the envelope with the love of her life. I think that Vanya, Sissy, and Harlan would make the perfect family. If Sissy finds out she has power, I don’t see a happy ending. I’m going to predict that Carl will get out of hand in front of her, causing Vanya to hurt him. I also love that the Swedish assassins got some payback even if it wasn’t from the Hargreeves’s family. The Handler maybe a dirty woman, but she knows what she’s doing. I’m anxious to see how Raymond will react to Allison’s confession and what the Handler is going to do to number five.


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