Check out Sundance Now’s October slate.

Thursday, Oct. 1

THE SPLIT, Season 2 Ep 1 (Streaming Premiere) – Season two delves back into the world of a high-flying family of lawyers, where Hannah Stern, played by Nicola Walker, is busy negotiating complex divorce cases whilst being confronted by difficulties in her own family.

Monday, Oct. 5

FINDING OSCAR – A forensic scientist and a dedicated prosecutor seek justice for the massacre of a boy’s family during the Guatemalan civil war.

LYNCH: A HistoryLynch: A History explores the silence that nonconformist NFL star Marshawn Lynch deploys as a form of resistance. Culling more than 700 video clips and placing them in dramatic, rapid, and radical juxtaposition, the film is a powerful political parable about the American media-sports complex and its deep complicity with racial oppression.

Tuesday, Oct. 6

INTERVIEW WITH A MURDERER – In this gripping true-crime documentary, world-renowned criminologist David Wilson conducts a series of interviews with convicted murderer Bert Spencer, long suspected in the infamous 1978 killing of a young boy.

Thursday, Oct. 8

WE GOT THIS, Ep 6 – FINALE – On the run to reunite with his family in Georgia, USA, George thinks he is safe until he realizes that the bad guys are right behind him. Back in Sweden, Alex, Björn, Eva and Norberg help Ralf and the Palme group to connect all the dots in their investigation, but there is one very important connection missing. Turning the tables on the threat, George and Sofia find the missing connection, but will it be enough to keep George and the gang out of serving life in prison?

Monday, Oct. 12

AMERICAN DREAM – This acclaimed documentary focuses on a mid-1980s workers’ strike at a Hormel meatpacking plant in Minnesota. After employees have both their wages and benefits cut, the local union endorses a strike, but complications arise when the national branch of the union doesn’t follow suit. This divide in viewpoints has unexpected consequences for organized labor in the United States and makes for intriguing depictions of workers’ rights, strikes, and union negotiations.

I AM ANOTHER YOU – Eating garbage, dodging police, and hitching rides with strangers, award-winning Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang shares the streets with a young drifter named Dylan who left a comfortable home and loving family for a life of intentional homelessness. Fascinated by his choice and rejection of society’s rules, Nanfu follows Dylan with her camera on a journey that takes her across America and explores the meaning of freedom – and its limits.

Thursday, Oct. 15

DES, Ep 1 (Sundance Now Exclusive) – David Tennant stars in a bone-chilling true-crime drama focusing on one of the most infamous serial killers in UK history – Dennis Nilsen. Known as the ‘kindly killer’, Nilsen was a local civil servant who spent five years murdering boys and young men he met on the streets of Soho from 1978 to 1983. He would meet and befriend these men before offering them food or lodgings for the evening back at his North London flat. When he was finally caught on 9 February 1983, Nilsen had murdered a total of fifteen men over a period of five years, making him Britain’s most prolific serial killer of the time. Des delves into the mind of one of the most emotionally elusive serial killers the world has ever seen. Can we ever really understand the mind of a psychopathic killer? And, if we try, what price do we pay?

Monday, Oct. 19

AS I LAY DYING – The story of the death of Addie Bundren and her family’s quest to honor her last wish to be buried in the nearby town of Jefferson.


In northern India’s sparsely populated and mountainous Ladakh region, an impoverished young boy is discovered to be the reincarnation of an esteemed, high-ranking Tibetan monk. Born displaced from his original monastery in Tibet, the boy is denied his rightful place. Amid growing doubts and mounting expectations in the community, the boy and his elderly godfather embark on a grueling, improbable trek across India to return the young monk-to-be to his rightful monastery before it becomes too late.

Thursday, Oct. 22

ONE LANE BRIDGE, Ep 6 – FINALE – The locals take their personal vendettas out during an isolated rabbit hunt. Ariki’s gift helps him solve the final piece of the puzzle. The ongoing tension between Ariki and Stephen builds to a deadly climax.

SLINGS AND ARROWS, Season 3 – As the award-winning Canadian dramedy concludes, the cast and crew of the New Burbage Festival struggle with the unfamiliar burden of success as they mount two vastly different productions: King Lear and a contemporary musical. But with the erratic lead actor, will they reach artistic heights or flop spectacularly?

Monday, Oct. 26

HEATHERS – In order to get out of the snobby clique that is destroying her good-girl reputation, an intelligent teen teams up with a dark sociopath in a plot to kill the cool kids.

LOVE & BANANAS: An Elephant Story – Ashley Bell and a team of elephant rescuers led by Asian elephant conservationist Lek Chailert embark on a daring 48-hour mission across Thailand to rescue a 70-year-old captive Asian elephant and lead it to freedom. (Documentary, 2018)

Tuesday, Oct. 27

THE DAKOTA ENTRAPMENT TAPES (Sundance Now Exclusive) – In a sleepy North Dakota town, where the crime rate is so low people often don’t lock their front doors, 20-year-old college student Andrew Sadek mysteriously disappears in May 2014 and is found dead almost two months later. What Andrew’s friends and family didn’t know was that in the months before his death, he had been coerced into becoming an informant for an aggressive police task force that had been secretly operating for years. As details of Andrew’s double life are revealed, the cover of the shadowy program is blown, laying bare the collusion and abuse of power of local law enforcement at all levels. Following the Sadek family’s fight for the truth about how their son was killed, the film skillfully uncovers the forces at play in his death and reveals why law enforcement secretly waged a war on drugs, on a college campus that didn’t have a drug problem.

Thursday, Oct. 29

DES, Ep 3 – FINALE – Reeling from Des’ change in plea, Jay and the police throw themselves into proving premeditation. If they can show the court that Des was undoubted of sound mind when he committed his crimes, he will go down and never be released. If they fail, Des could get a cushier sentence on diminished responsibility and effectively escape justice. As the trial begins and the defense starts to tear strips off-key witnesses, Jay and his team are shocked by just how flimsy their case against Nilsen seems.

WITCHES: A Century of Murder – Historian Suzannah Lipscomb investigates the witch hunts that plagued Britain in the 17th century, examining common myths about their origin.