Pirates of Leviathan Episode 2 Ending

During the second episode of the Pirates of Leviathan’s side quest, our Buccaneer Buddies, Cheese, Bob, Myrtle, Marcid, Sunny, and Jack, unveiled Langley’s evil plans. To commit insurance fraud and destroy the town using the Daughter of Storms artifact. This discovery leads the crew to the Sternwood to help Bob reunite with her dear friend Trixie. As they stared up at the looming forest ahead of them, they were blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurked.

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Pirates of Leviathan Episode 3 Recap

Long ago, Leviathan’s leaders kidnapped druids to force them into creating a garden for the pirates to obtain fresh food. However, the druids took this opportunity to curse the land and dub it the Sternwood. This land is known to be dark and ominous, but the Buccaneer Buddies entered the Sternwood and opted not to take the path leading to a seemingly safe cottage. With Marcid leading the way, the crew found themselves in the middle of a clearing by a lake.

It appears the team stumbled upon Langley, Clive Mardres, and a spell caster named Alamaria in the act of setting up a ritual. Two dozen armed guards surrounded them, and fifteen tieflings submerged in the lake. Among the kidnapped unconscious tieflings, Bob spotted Trixie causing the crew to advance. After some words were shared with Langley, Jack noticed that officer Mardres was none other than Clive McDoon, his first mate. As a fight broke out, Sunny, thinking quick on her feet, rushed to the altar to ring the bell that laid upon it. After a triumphant ring, the bell fused to Sunny’s hand and set the lake ablaze. At this point, Langley stole the Daughter of Storms from Cheese.

A Bittersweet Ending in Leviathan

As Bob, Myrtle, Marcid, and Jack attacked the ner do wells, Cheese rushed to the lake to save the tieflings. As he looked into the fiery lake, he saw the reflection of his older brother and dove in after him. Cheese learned that his brother is not dead after a heartwarming reunion, but time is running out. Langly, Clive, and Alamaria slipped away from the team’s grasp, and Sunny, Bob, Myrtle, Marcid, and Jack finished up the guards. After rounding up the tieflings, they took them to the Gold Gardens, where Garthy O’Brien explains that they have lost their souls.