The third episode this season picks up right where the last one left off with everyone scattering into the woods. Cole dies, Duncan gets hit 3 times, Negan got hit in the knee, Gabe gets cut in the neck, while Daryl and Dog chase down a Reaper. Maggie is caught quickly but Elijah comes to save her before he gets taken, Maggie is able to wiggle out and disappear into the forest.

At Alexandria, the birds sound crazy like monsters, Carol and Kelly are seen coming back from a hunt for the lost horses. Meanwhile, Aaron is helping rebuild the walls while Carol should have been too. They two talk about what they should be doing for Alexandria and seemingly agree to disagree. Carol, Magna, and Kelly go out looking for horses and end up recruiting Rosita as well. The group has been having trouble, 4 failed attempts so far and Carol is getting frustrated, Rosita tells her that she has been dreaming about Abraham, who is trying to tell her something but she can’t figure it out because he gets shot before she can hear what he wants to say. The group comes upon some dead horses along the water and it starts to break the groups spirit, Carol wants to keep pushing forward but the others convince Carol to start again tomorrow.

Angel Theory as Kelly – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

On the way back Rosita hears the horses in the distance, they do see four horses head over to the dairy farm. Rosita tells them to go to the Dairy farm because it has paddocks that they can pen them into. With rounding the horses into the paddocks they were not able to capture them, at this point Kelly surveyed the scene and told them to drop the lasso’s, she said that the horses aren’t running, the horses are ready to come home, and she was right. They all bring the horses back, but Carol makes a tough choice, she brings an injured horse to a pen and kills it, and then in turn that horse is cooked as food for Alexandria. We know that as we see the kids with a plate of horses to eat, little Hershel says the best way is to take small bites and chew it fast, it’s not as bad as the spiders.

Maggie was on the run long enough for the sun to come up and makes it to a mall, once she is trying to get inside a Reaper is on her tail as she is barely missed by a weapon, she scrambles and is able to find a different door to get inside. While inside she heads down the stairs and through another door, she grabs some empty bottles and has it propped on the handle of the door so when someone comes through that door the bottles will drop alerting her to their presence. She makes her way to another set of stairs where she comes across a walker, in that fight the walker falls and knocks her flashlight out of her hand, shortly after another Reaper is on her tail but the bottles smash from the door distracting her and the Reaper long enough for Maggie to kill him. At the very top floor she comes across Alden, who as we remember is hurt, as they talk they are both attacked by Reapers. Maggie is able to hit her attacker in the nuts enough where she can reach and break a bottle and stab him, with Negan coming right after to finish the job. Right after this Maggie hits the other Reaper who throws a bomb, Negan pushes her to safety. After they check on Alden, who is pretty screwed from his injuries.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Maggie urges them to keep moving even though Negan thinks it’s a horrible plan, while out they hear screaming which Maggie decides it’s a good idea to head towards, it is Agatha killing some walkers while Duncan is near death. Duncan says that Maggie was good and to make sure Agatha gets home before Maggie ends him peacefully. The new quad keeps moving to the forest, Maggie has another bad idea and the walkers catch up to them quite easily. Agatha gets bit and tells everyone else to go which Maggie doesn’t want to but Negan pulls her back to safety. Elsewhere, Gabriel catches up to a Reaper, he won’t give him mercy and kills him.

Maggie, Negan and Alden keep going and they end up hiding in a hotel. Maggie keeps saying that things are Negan’s fault, they are all in this situation because of him. Negan wants to keep pressing forward without Alden who is slowing them down, Maggie ends up finally agreeing to it knowing it’s the right thing to do. Negan helps barricade the door for Alden who looks rough but is staying back. After starting with a huge group right now it’s just Maggie and Negan pressing forward to the supplies.