Source: CW // Jane The Virgin

May Chapter 57 always be remembered as the peak hotness point of Justin Baldoni/ Rafael Solano…okay he looks super hot every week but I’m still REALLY here for the shaggy hair and new stubble. It’s really working for him. You know who won’t be enjoying that hotness anymore though? Abbey. Who? Minka Kelly. Rafael’s sweet but ultra-forgettable girlfriend, who wanted to move in with Rafael, but got dumped instead. And because Minka Kelly is too good to exist as a random worthless side character, she’s now stirring up trouble with Rafael and the police as revenge. We don’t know too much about this yet…but we do know that Raf’s jail buddy who now works at the Marbella (and possibly Raf) is somehow involved with Scott’s death.

Jane spent the majority of the episode working on an edit of her novel “Snow Falling”. Her new editor–who’s quite the Frat Bro–wanted her to include a little more tension and drama in the story, which is a version of Jane and Michael’s love story…set in the early 20th century. Jane was reluctant to include the very real love story between her and Rafael, because it felt disloyal and disrespectful to Michael. But as the ever wise Alba noted, her love story with Rafael is nothing to be ashamed of, because it ended up strengthening her love for Michael in the end. So Jane set aside her fear and reopened her memory of her love for Rafael. Her editor loved the change and reading it made Rafael realize that he wants that kind of love again (*cough* with Jane *cough*).

Over our three year time jump we’ve also seen a real shift in Bruce’s relationship with the Villanueva family. Supposedly he’s perfect and super nice and Jane, Alba, and Xiomara (of course) all adore him. So it came as no surprise when he planned out and executed (albeit not as he planned) a proposal to Xo. There to witness it all? Rogelio, who also hired Bruce as his attorney in the De La Vega Factor Factor contract dispute after his first choice screwed him over. While he does like Bruce as a legal consultant, it’s easy to see he’s not so keen on his status as Xo’s new fiancée.

Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten Petra! Wrecked with guilt over literally pushing Scott’s remains onto Chuck’s property, Petra struggles to build a relationship with him…until she comes clean about her indiscretion…which he doesn’t take too keenly. He blows her off and then we’re introduced to the greatest version of Petra we’ve met yet: Drunk Petra. She was slurring and gabbing and speaking in Czech. All of this led to her showing up at Chuck’s door asking for forgiveness.

So, after this week, we definitely have one thing to worry about (Rafael’s involvement in Scott’s death) and one theory to ponder: does the fact that Jane was able to write about her love affair with Rafael signify that she may be opening up to love again in the near future? This is a telenovela after all, our leading lady needs a love.