There are quite a few OSRS players who haven’t trained Strength. This skill is basically your melee combat power, so the higher your strength level, the more damage you do to your opponent. High Strength level is particularly desirable for player-killers because it raises your max hit and helps you earn more Old School RS Gold. You can also generate the burst damage that other players need to kill before they can heal themselves.

Training Strength at level 99 definitely takes a lot of time and dedication, but it can be a good thing – one might even do it while studying or working, and – compared to training other skills – it doesn’t take too much OSRS gold. If you’ve set your mind on grinding to full Strength level, you ‘re going to need this Strength OSRS guide to get you through the process in the most effective and time-saving way. As you grind in RuneScape you can get OSRS GP for sale to smoothen the process.

Earn these bonuses for your Combat Skills stats

We ‘re beginning a Strength OSRS guide with some knowledge about other skills that you can learn beforehand in order to make Strength 99 easier and quicker. The two fighting skills that support you with your Strength Training are Attack and Defense. Before you go to Strength 99, you might consider having a higher level on them.

The higher your Attack level is, the better your performance is when you strike your enemy in the OSRS. But you’re not going to hit any more, but you’re going to hit more often. If you’ve ever had or seen a Power Pure Hit, you ‘re going to know what I mean. At times, it seems like some Old School RS accounts don’t even fight because of how long it takes them to land a hit on someone. Another positive thing about increasing your Attack level before your Power is that this allows you the chance to pick up your weapon from a wider variety and use the best in your position.

Training Defense doesn’t affect how hard you strike either – the total impact is only improved by Power, so having a higher Defense level decreases the chances of hitting. Also, the higher your Protection level is, the broader the variety from which you can select weapons. 

Another ability that somehow applies to Strength training is Slayer. You can also earn some fantastic Strength XP when practicing the Slayer ability! To boost your XP, visit to get OSRS GP for sale.

Choosing the right weapon

In almost all cases of Strength training, it’s best to choose a weapon with a high speed of Attack. Slow guns hit higher, but faster guns hit harder and more reliably so that your XP rate is better at the end of the day. A weapon with an Attack Speed of 4 (meaning 2.4 seconds between hits) is the best option for maximum XP / second.

Another very important thing you need to know before you pick up your weapon is that monsters are usually vulnerable to some types of damage which allow certain weapons to work better. Dragons are slow to Stab, which makes the Zamorakians much stronger at battling them than the Abyssal whip, which is a much better weapon than the hasta by the numbers.

For players that are up to level 40, the Rune Scimitar is a perfect tool for low-level Strength training. It requires 40 attacks and is a prototypic RuneScape weapon. It’s best to choose inexpensive but successful low-level preparation. Members can use Brine Sabre, which is a better choice because it offers 2 extra Slash and Strength bonuses, but it’s also more costly. But you can buy cheap OSRS gold and practice more effectively with the Brine Sabre!

Level 50 Weapons

At level 50, you’ll be better off using the Granite Hammer for Strength. You need level 50 of Attack for this, as well as 50 Power for this. The best weapon you can use at this level is the Granite Hammer, the only downside being that it’s probably a lot more costly than the other weapons you can use at this level. Your second best choice is a Granite longsword that strikes slower than a hammer but is much cheaper.

There’s also a Leaf-bladed Sword, which is a fantastic weapon, but it can’t be used by low-level Slayer players – it’s a 55 Slayer requirement. To get it faster, buy OSRS GP for sale.

Level 60 Weapons

Once you hit level 60, The strongest one at this level is a weapon called the Dragon Scimitar. It’s almost a lot cheaper than the rest of the weapons you’ve got at this level, so you can see a lot of high-level players still using it. You need to complete the Monkey Madness 1 quest to make use of it. If you don’t want to, you can go to the Dragon Sword, which is a pretty decent option, too – it has fewer incentives and is more costly, but it’s the second best you can get. The third option is the Dragon longsword, which is cheaper but attacks 1 game tick slower than the Scimitar.

Level 70 Weapons

If you’re at level 70 and you’re still on a quest to max out your Strength stats with over 70 Attack and Defense and Mutual xp experience, the most you can do is use the Abyssal Whip. It’s the second best non-degradable tool for Attack / Defence, but it doesn’t work if you’re only practicing Strength. If you’re practicing Strength only, your best option is the Saradomin Sword, which is very cheap compared to the rest of the weapons. It gives a great advantage against low defense monsters. The Abyssal bludgeon is also a decent choice and is extremely helpful when you’re battling a monster weak to Crush gear/weapons. Get OSRS GP for sale from

You unlock the game’s best Melee combat tool at 75 Attack, the Ghrazi Rapier. It’s very rare and costly, though, so not many players can afford it. The Abyssal Tentacle and the Blessed Saradomin Sword are both pretty good choices, but they are degradable. Another choice is the Dead Men, which is the best weapon when it comes to slashing. It’s more powerful than the Saradomin sword if you use it with an attacker, but it has a lower power. It’s best to use it against high-defence monsters.