X-men Origins Wolverine was an unforgivable insult to Deadpool and so was Green Lantern (hardcore fans will understand). Sewing the Merc with the mouth’s mouth shut? Arguably the poorest decision in superhero cinematic history.

Thankfully, real-life Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, handled it perfectly. Back in 2004, when Reynolds played Hannibal in Blade Trinity, a studio executive approached him and told him that if there was ever a Deadpool role, he was made for it. This executive proceeded to send comic books to Reynolds. Here’s what he said about it “The first issue I opened up, I’m not making this up, I was on the panel. Like in the comic, it said Deadpool was saying ‘I look like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a shar-pei.’ And I was thinking, Jesus, this is f***ing destiny.”

If y’all are wondering which comic book was it, it was Cable and Deadpool #2 by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Brooks from 2004. From there onward, Reynolds worked tirelessly to bring the popular and my all-time favorite comic-book character to the big screen.

The first Deadpool movie wouldn’t have been a better Valentine’s day present. The jokes were relentless, the plot was convincing, and the action scenes were gorgeous. Yes, I am biased.

Deadpool 2 introduced Cable and other X-men characters into the mix. And that’s not even the best part of the movie; it’s the end credit scene. Go watch it if you haven’t.

While a third installment of Box Office wonder is not in Marvel’s five-year plan, Deadpool 3 is definitely in the making. So, here’s a list of things we hope to see the next time we meet the deranged mercenary for hire.

Deadpool acting very surprised. Photo via screenshot of the official trailer.


Deadpool kills the Marvel universe

Right off the bat, I’m starting with the top thing I want to see in Deadpool 3. To be fair, it is also the most far-fetched scenario to ever happen. We already lost plenty of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the plan is to recruit fresh meat, not grind what’s left of it (despite the addition of the X-Men through the Fox/Disney merger).

The storyline is beautiful and introduces a universe beyond the Marvel multiverse; the idea verse. The character list alone is massive. The movie would minimally be 6 hours long, and they’d have to come up with a new movie rating system stronger than R with all the gore and bloodbaths involved.

However, Ryan Reynolds himself pitched the idea of killing the Fox side of the Marvel Universe. It’s not the entire universe and it may not be strictly true to the original storyline, but it is definitely a start. We may even get introduced to the Deadpool Corps.

Image: Inverse.com

Deadpool joins the Deadpool Corps

What’s better than one Deadpool? LOTS AND LOTS OF DEADPOOLS (because who can ever get enough of him?)

The Deadpool Corps is a team comprised of alternate versions of the Merc with the mouth led by Earth 616 ‘s Wade Wilson.

Ladypool, Dogpool, Kidpool, Headpool (also known as Zombiepool), and Deadpool are the original members. The team is first introduced in 2010, in the Prelude to Deadpool Corps issue 1. The comics give us little snippets of some backstories except for Headpool and Wanda Wilson (Ladypool) who had already had run-ins with Deadpool (self-incestual relationship, for those who get the reference).

During the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe series, different versions join the Deadpool Corps including Pandapool, Deadpool pulp, and Golden Age Deadpool (a nazi, because why not).

We can definitely see those characters after Deadpool getting rejected from the X-men and the Avengers, and after his first X-force creation failed. A brief mention of the Corps would be ideal during the post-credit scene after him getting rejected from the Avengers.


Deadpool forms a “better” X-force

Yes, the first attempt was a failure. Fox had plans for a solo X-force movie but that is history now after the Fox/Disney merger.

During Deadpool 3, we can have Deadpool form the original X-force using the original storyline of the creation of the team. Shatterstar was indeed killed in the comics, except his demise’s circumstances were totally different than what was portrayed in the movie.

Therefore, we can finally get Cable, Domino, Cannonball, Phantom X, and Vanessa (as her alter ego Copycat) to fight major threats.

The awesome part about the idea is that we can finally get a white-suit Deadpool.

Deadpool creating his X-Force signage. Photo via screenshot of the official trailer.

Deadpool crosses paths with Wolverine

I was on the fence about adding this one. But I decided to include it since we haven’t gotten our wish fulfilled.

Deadpool fans will never be satisfied until we have a showdown between the two characters. No, we’ll never count the atrocity that is X-men Origins Wolverine (thank you Ryan Reynolds for cleaning up the timeline). It’s easily doable when taking the Deadpool Kill-verse storyline into consideration. Wolverine has been part of the X-men since the first-ever movie installment back in the year 2000. Granted, the cast kept changing (younger and older counterparts), but the only consistent character that remained was Logan (Proven by the cameo in X-men: Apocalypse).

In the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe storyline, Wolverine is the last of the X-men to be slaughtered by the merc with the mouth.
In fact, every single death is as brutal and gory as it gets. A true work of an extremely deranged person.

But if not that, a back and forth between the two characters would be fun. In the Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie, Deadpool makes an appearance as a villain who captures Wolverine for a mad scientist, Professor Thornton. I’m not sure how that plotline could play out, but a similar approach can be taken.

The possibilities of getting the two together are endless, just make it happen, Disney!

Jim Lee's Wolverine Image: Marvel
Jim Lee’s Wolverine Image: Marvel

Deadpool tags along with Spiderman and DareDevil

Deadpool and Spiderman share an unbreakable bond. They’re often compared to each other, except spiderman is the PG version of Deadpool (you know, less killing, and the messed-up dark humor).
Think of Deadpool as that one friend who’s a major pain in the butt but still loves you and is loyal to you (sort of).
Across the comics and even cartoons (the amazing spider-man cartoon), Deadpool pops up here and there to either help or piss off Spiderman, sometimes both. It would be amazing (pun intended) to see the bromance translated into the big screen.
If Marvel can deliver Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes bromance, then it can definitely give us Spideypool.

Daredevil also has a certain relationship with Deadpool. Obviously, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is basically a middle-class Batman with his doom and gloom demeanor (read his backstory, it’s just sad). So, their relationship is different from the sarcasm that Spiderman and Deadpool tend to share.

Unfortunately, since the cancellation of DareDevil from Netflix, there haven’t been talks of bringing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to the cinematic universe despite Disney’s ability to make it happen.

Usually, big corporations respond to fans’ wishes. So, maybe if this idea gains enough traction, we might get the man without fear back.

An even better fan service would be to have Team Red assembling. For those who have never heard of team red, it’s made up of Deadpool, DareDevil, and Spiderman (because all of their suits are majorly red).

Wilson Bethel as Agent Poindexter. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Deadpool meets Death

We should’ve had this in the first Deadpool movie if the writers felt like being loyal to the comics. For those who don’t know, Wade was first introduced to Lady Death during his time at the Weapon X program. Ajax, who hates his real name Francis, was the one to keep Wade from uniting with his mistress.

Instead, we had Vanessa. It’s not like we’re not thankful for it, the strap-on scene is a work of art (he said sarcastically).

That doesn’t mean it’s too late. Deadpool and Death keep running into each other in an on-and-off kind of thing. Come to think of it, she should’ve popped up during the second movie when Wade kept killing himself to reunite with Vanessa.

Wait a minute… Did y’all had the same idea that I did? Could Vanessa actually be the closest version of Death we can ever get? She does bear a little similarity, with her Goth demeanor and all. Sadly, it can’t be the case. Vanessa is supposed to be Copycat as portrayed in the comics, that is if she finally gets her powers.

Source: taringa.net

Deadpool makes fun of Thanos

For the hardcore fans out there, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who are getting initiated in Deadpool 101s, our favorite not-DareDevil has been cursed with immortality from the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. The logistics of that happening are a little tricky, but long story short, the curse was directly inflicted by T-ray (another guy who hated Deadpool — the list is long) with an artifact given to him by Thanos.

It’s an incredulous story but so are all of Deadpool’s stories. Thanos fell in love with Death. Deadpool fell in love with Death. Yes, literal Death, grim reaper, scythe, and all. Contrary to Supernatural’s and Darksider’s portrayals of Death (being male), Death in the marvel universe is a female. Technically, Lady Death is genderless but she prefers to appear as a woman?

And if Thanos cannot have Death, then no one else will. So, it’d be fun to see Deadpool standing next to Thanos’ corpse/grave yapping about how even if he crossed to the other side, Death would never choose him (a nod to Thanos comics origins), or how she disliked him so much that she’d reincarnated him into Cable (Oh, that’s a killer joke!!).

Thanos with fire and destruction following. Photo courtesy of ComingSoon.net.

Deadpool auditionning for the Avengers

Throughout the comics, Deadpool has been on several teams. Sometimes he’s on the X-men (which, we sort of had in Deadpool 2?), sometimes he’s on the X-force, and other times he’s joined in with the Avengers.
We’ve already had his X-force moment (even if it isn’t the X-force we want to see) and his X-men team-up (same remark), but we’re yet to see him on the Avengers.

The idea can serve as an opening scene, where Deadpool has been rejected by the Fox-verse X-men team, and the Avengers are next on his radar. We can have Falcon (the next Captain America), professor Hulk, and Thor as the interviewers.
It would be awesome to have the audition as a real-work-environment interview where Deadpool is wearing a suit on top of his suit with a briefcase that contains drawings of his previous killings as his resume (Bonus points if they include Deadpool 1, opening scene drawing on the bridge).

Or it could serve as a post-credit scene to tease us about what’s next for our beloved 4th wall breaker.

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME Photo: Film Frame ©Marvel Studios 2019

Deadpool mentions the COVID-19 pandemic

Seriously, 2020 has been a freakish year. This pandemic will be integrated into history books to be taught to future generations in the year 2080 or something. And while the movie may come out where coronavirus is no longer relevant, we’d still like to see that.

Maybe he cracks more jokes about the way he looks? Maybe he threatens some bad guys with a syringe filled with the virus only to have the bad guy mock him for being too late to the party?

Or maybe he uses Cable’s temporal dial to go back to the year 2020 and have a few laughs at our expense while breaking the fourth wall. It’s Deadpool after all, anything’s possible.

It’d be hilarious to see him wearing a mask. Get it? He wears a mask on top of his mask? No? Tough crowd.

Source: https://gfycat.com/ThriftySoggyHusky

That’s a wrap for what I think Disney should give us in Deadpool 3. What about you? Is there something else I didn’t mention that you’d like to see? Mention it down in the comments!