If you missed last week’s review, you can find it here.

He open to a pep rally and Gabe and Principal Maddison gets the students hyped up. The big game against PolyTech is Friday. Rakeem is this years key to beating them.

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The teachers are all fired up for the game back at the teachers lounge. The coach is a bigoted ass and I truly can’t stand his character. Gabe thinks it’s more important to teach the students. Everyone else but Abby thinks the game is more important. Back in class Midterms are due. Even Mikey turned his in on time. Rakeem doesn’t have his. Rakeem asks for an extension and Gabe says no. Due to pressure from the class he cut Rakeem a break. Marisol is not happy.

Once again in the teachers lounge, the teachers are talking about football and Rakeem. Gabe feel guilty for letting Rakeem slide. Abby still agrees with Gabe but all the other teachers can see is victory against PolyTech. The kids in class now seem to think that they can turn is assignments whenever they want. Gabe turns into Krampus on campus. Now no one wants to talk to or look at him.

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Does PolyTech win the game? Or does Rakeem get his midterm in? What do you think of this show? My family and I are loving it! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…